With spring being right around the corner I can’t help but show my toesies off in my New Crocs flip flops. I had no idea I would be a Crocs girly ya’ll but who knew they had a style waiting for me. I had no idea Crocs sold flip-flops…and they are so freaking comfortable. I leave them right by my front door so I wear them all the time. I think I’m obsessed because it’s a platform flip flop so I get the perfect height which gives me the illusion that I’m dressed up. It’s insanely comfortable as well which I wasn’t expecting really. I also have the creme color and I’m eyeing the lime green one as well for the Summer.

I decided to pair it with these 90’s style baggy jeans.I saw an influencer wearing it recently and I was inspired. I originally was going to opt for a flowy dress but I thought no let me show you guys the versatility of wearing flip-flops in an unexpected way. So I grabbed my cropped tee and leather jacket, Yankee cap in my favorite freaking color, and voila. I loved how this look came out as it was so out of my comfort zone. This year I want to do all the things that make me uncomfortable because I love comfort and we all know nothing grows there.

Hmm, what else have I been up to… well next week Xavier will be on Spring Break so we are going to use that time to check out our new city. We’ve been living in Texas for a few months now and have been pretty much keeping it local but next week we plan to be outsideeeeeeeee hahaha and we can’t wait- hopefully it won’t be 90 degrees lawdd as this heat is no joke. I’ll keep you guys posted on all of that.

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