Hey Hey, So we all know I’m a makeup girly. I live for it…well if I’m being super honest these days I’ve been keeping it pretty light; only because it’s hot as heck in Texas so I don’t do too much, but like Kendrick said, sometimes you gotta pop out and show N##### hahahha. And this makeup look is doing just that oakyyyy. I’m a sucker for bright colors it just looks beautiful on women of color. I meannn don’t get me wrong I love a natural look hunny as it’s easier and doesn’t require too much blending, unlike with brighter colors you often have to blend blend blend. I’m somewhat mad I didn’t record this look but I sorta of free styled not sure how it would turn out, but I promise for those asking I will for sure record it soon, from start to finish.

I listed all the products I pretty much used below.