Wide Leg Denims

Wide Leg Denims

Hey My Loves,

If you are new to my blog or just me in general well I’m here to say my name is Kelly and I’m addicted to denims. My favorite is still skinny jeans with the highest heel hehe but wide leg denims …whewwww let’s just say I’m addicted at the moment and probably will be forever they are so flattering on the body and gives off an effortless vibe which I love. Below I will link a few faves.

wide leg denims, jeans

Currently Sold Out; {Similar Jeans #1} {Similar Jeans #2} {Similar Jeans #3}

wide leg denims, jeans,

Denim Looks, Top Left, {Jeans #1} {Jeans #2} {Jeans#3} Bottom Left { Jeans #4} {Jeans#5} {Jeans #6}

*How To look Good In A puff Sleeve Top*

*How To look Good In A puff Sleeve Top*

Hey Y’all!

Sooo I’m all about the puff sleeve top lately, This trend has been around since 2018 but clearly has definite lasting power as we still see it around today in 2022 and honestly those are the trends I love- although I usually wear what I want, trend or not:) I currently own 4 puff sleeve tops. I have the one I’m wearing above in floral, another in denim, another in Green and my most recent one in Blue and White here; which I need to wear before Summer comes to an end. First off- I love a good jeans and a nice top combo. It’s seriously the best…. and easy to pull off in a rush. Just be sure that it’s your fave pair of denims; you know the one that has the boot-ayyy looking extra good, waist snatched and legs looking long and lean, yes that one. With a beautiful bold print top. Bold print tops add an extra statement to your look. 

I decided to wear one of my fave jeans with a Puff sleeve top. I love these tops because the puff adds width which then creates the illusion of an hourglass figure. And who doesn’t want that?! When wearing a puff sleeve top it’s important to create balance as you wouldn’t want to wear anything on the bottom that was puffy as well or has too much fabric. Try going with straight leg high waist denims or wide leg high waist pants like the one I’m wearing. A cinched waist tones down the volume of the top and adds shape. My waist looks super tiny here.

When wearing a puff sleeve top you might not want to wear too much jewelry as you want your top to be the main focus, the star of the show, A statement Earring could work but no necklace, or you can do a statement necklace and smaller earrings depending on the cut of the top, I live for my head wraps so in my case there’s two stars of the show.

when wearing a puff sleeve top try showing some skin, look for square neck, v-neck, scoop neck, and sweetheart necklines. In my case my back was out and my top was cropped so it was just the right amount.

So let me know in the comments would you try this style? Thanks for reading you guys!

Love Uzzz

What I Wore: Headwrap, Top {Sold Out} Similar {Here}{Here} {Here} {Here} {Here} Denim, Zara Sold out, Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} Bag, Similar {Here} {Here} {Here}

Get Ready With Me {Brunch Style}

Hey My loves!

I promised myself that this Summer would be different, I would be going out a lil bit more although if I could have it my way, I’d totally stay inside and watch movies and eat lol; in the comfort of my own home. Don’t get me wrong I love getting dressed up and looking cute- but the introvert side of me; much rather stay home with my husband, kid and my dog but anyway I digress.

I decided to shoot a Quick Get Ready With Me Video as I was getting dressed. There’s nothing I love more than button down shirts, especially my hubby’s hehe hopefully he’s not reading lol. It’s such an easy to look put together effortlessly. I love them slightly oversized too. I own quite a few over the years, This one I picked up last year with these tangerine shorts to go with. What I love about this look is that it could work with a cute pair of flats or heels like I did here. I love a gold heel it just makes any look that much classier and it tends to look a bit more expensive. I linked a few amazing ones down below. We were headed to a cute brunch spot so I opted for this look -paired it with my favorite accessory; ahem my headwrap from Wrapqueen Love you guys!

Thanks for reading,


What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Blouse Sold Out~ Love this one {Here} {Here} {Here}. Shorts; Sold Out. Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} Gold Heels, {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here}{Here} Omg in love with these heels {Here}

Another Pink And Orange Combo

Hey My Loves!

I know this color combo has been seen everywhere. I’m obsessed; I actually did this look last year, but in the reverse lol my skirt was pink and my top orange. I was excited when I saw these orange shorts. They were too good and I’ve had this pink top since forever so it was a no brainer to pair together.  

Lately I’ve been leaving my hair out lately since it’s Summer but I’m dying to do braids, I must get them before the Summer ends like I must. I decided to wear my headwrap from WrapQueen. Which I thought paired so nicely with this look.

ohh how gorge is this wall…well the color lol, funny thing is I wanted a plain white wall as my background I thought it would make my outfit stand out but James aka the hubby insisted we use the blue wall and I love it . My headwrap and my shoes all have traces of blue too -so this was just perfect.

What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Top; Similar {Here} {Similar} {Here} {Here}Shorts Zara; Sold Out, Similar, {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here} Heels, Charlotte Russe; Similar {Here} {Here} {Similar} {Here} {Here} {Here} Bag; from my Amazon store {Here}

3 Ways To Wear a Bike Shorts

Hey My Loves!

So today is all about the infamous bike shorts. I absolutely love them but as we get older you need to be careful on how you style them as your look can come off a bit kiddy. Here I’m showing you three ways that  is definitely grown woman approved. Let me know which look is your fave. I ofc love the blazer as I’m obsessed with blazers. I would wear the other two looks if I wanted a more chill vibe. 

Look 1. Headwrap “Day Dream“. Top {Here} Similar {Here} {{Here}{Here} {Here} Bike Shorts {Here} I also have this one {Here} Oversized shirt {Here} Similar {Here} & {Here} Sneakers; Similar {Here} & {Here}

Look 2. Headwrap {Here} Top {Here} {Here} {{Here}{Here} {Here} Bike Shorts {Here} I also have this one {Here} Blazer, Sold Out, Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here} Heels {Here} Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here}

Look 3 Headwrap {Here} Top {Here} {Here} {{Here}{Here} {Here} Bike Shorts {Here} I also have this one {Here} Graphic Tee; Sold Out; Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here}

Thanks For reading guys


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