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Shopping Tips When It Comes To Footwear

Shopping Tips When It Comes To Footwear

Hey My Loves!

Shopping for footwear can be easy for some but a real challenge for others. Trying to find a great pair of shoes or having to replace a few of our fave but battered ones on your current shoe rack is tough but necessary. So here are a few shopping tips when it comes to footwear.

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Know Your Size

Knowing your size is important because it can help you find the right size or know where you need to be looking when it comes to the perfect fit. A lot of the sizes can differ when you go from store to store, but most will end up being the same. Don’t forget that not everyone’s feet are just about size. Some have issues with the width of their foot whilst others have a flat foot with no arch. These can all lead to different requests that are needed like getting womens extra wide calf boots. So know your sizing where possible to help cut out as much fuss as possible.

Find The Right Material For Your Feet

Depending on the health of your feet, some people may need a more breathable material, whether that’s because their feet sweat more or maybe you suffer from a foot condition like athlete’s foot, for example. Look at what materials have worked for you in the past and what hasn’t worked so well. Anything that’s going to suffocate your feet, and it’s ability to breathe is never going to be good but then you want a material that’s durable, or that might be water-proof. So finding a balance is tough, but it’s always worth doing trial and error when it comes to these things.

Invest In Quality

Quality is true for most things in life, and when it comes to footwear, it’s probably the one area where it makes the most difference. Considering that you’re putting constant pressure and movement into your shoes, you want them to last. And the only way that this can really happen is if it’s a level of high quality. Yes, it might cost more but it’s likely to be more effective in providing comfort but also the longevity that you’re after.

Go For Neutral Colors

Neutral colors aren’t going to clash, and when you’re buying shoes, you might want to consider going for colors that are more basic. That way, you can reduce the amount you buy because each pair of shoes will work well with a number of outfits. Black and brown are usually two that go well with most outfits. Make sure you have one of each in your wardrobe, whether that’s in the form of your boots or a court shoe.

When shopping for footwear, be sure to try everything on and that you’ve done the walk around the shops a few times. Ensure that the comfort is there, and you feel confident that this comfort isn’t just a temporary thing. Make sure the style works for you and your wardrobe, too, because that’s super important you guys!

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Revamping Islandchic!

Revamping Islandchic!

Hey My loves! I know I know many of you are probably wondering where the heck are my older post, but unfortunately we had a bit of a hiccup and lost our website- yes years and years of content. We tried our best to get the site back but GOdaddy couldn’t bring it back. I’m heart broken, so sad literally crying right now as I can’t believe it’s gone. Like how? There must be some way to get it back right? Trust me I thought the same thing. I argued with the hubbz I stomped my feet threw things broke things but none of those things brought it back. I have so many memories of my son and pix together that I will never get back, but I’m trying to stay strong. I know things like this happens to influencers all the time, whether you’re hacked and have to start from scratch and build again. The hubbz told me he may have a hard drive with older content but he hasn’t sort that out yet, so who knows. At this point I just want to go all in and produce a ton of content for you guys. As this is my passion, IslandChic is my baby. Islandchic helped me start “Wrap Queen” so I’m forever grateful. Anyway starting fresh I think is exactly what I need going into the new year. If I’m able to bring back any popular posts I’ll definitely share them with you. Please feel free to share with me in the comments any words of encouragement, as I need it. Now let’s talk about this look!

When I tell you this coat is everything- believe me! I absolutely love it. Although I dislike Winter I live for Winter fashion. I love layering. This coat right here is theee perfect statement coat. I’m literally harassed on the street each time I wear it with folks stopping me to ask questions about it.  Safe to say it’s one of  my fave Winter coats.

I decided to pair it with an all black look for that extra chic vibe. Very NYC lol. I’m also normally a heels kinda girl but I was headed to the city so white sneaks it was. Oh and how cute is this bag, I took the straps off and made it a mini purse and I’m obsessed. Of course I had to add a headwrap to finish my look and I went with a nude  solid color so the coat can get all the attention! I’ll be bringing you more Winter Looks so please make sure to subscribe and comment too. <3

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Wearing: Coat in (M) Sold out/ re-release {Here} Pants {Here} Headwrap (Beige) {Here}  {Alternative {Here}  Sweater {Here} Bag {Similar} Love this one {Here}

Tis The Season

Tis The Season

Hey My loves!

So we made it to the end of the year, can you believe that! I felt like the time just flew by. I swore it was summer just a week ago week ago {Does the Shmoney Dance} hahah- I’m sure no one does that dance anymore. Anywhosee took these pix Christmas Eve with the Fam. We did some last minute shopping which included Sephora! I so owe you guys a sephora haul. I have so many faves from there that y’all are gonna love! Tons of skin care stuff too. We also stopped at the Leggo store, got some gifts for my boy and a grabbed a bite to eat.

I decided to wear red because it’s the holidays and I seem to always wear that color during this time especially my “Red Velvet “wrap. December in NYC has been super warm compared to past Winter temps so my look was perfect; and easy. Tee jeans and a long coat. My outfit cocktail. Quick outfit trick try wearing the same colors “Monochrome” it always looks super expensive but most importantly put together. Took this shot on our way out and I adore it. We spend the rest of the night wrapping gifts and watching movies.

What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Jacket (Sold out){Similar} {Similar}Super love this one{Here} Jeans {Here} Similar{Here} Shoes; Steve Madden Sold Out {Similar} Bag {YSL}

It’s Winter Baby

It’s Winter Baby

Hey My loves!

Miss Me? Miss u!! So what’s been going on you ask? Well I’ve been a busy bee over at WrapQueen with holiday orders and such, plus being a mom which I’m so absolutely grateful for. But can I tell you that I jumped at the chance to not look like a homeless person. The other day I did a quick photo shoot with a friend totally last minute as she was leaving to Germany the same night as the shoot, so instead of my usual sweat pants attire I decided to throw some jeans on my booties and my fur and head out the door- I felt amazing sigh… I can’t wait to serve some looks this Winter. As much as I despise the cold weather; I do enjoy dressing up for it. The layers the booties the thick sweaters….I die!!!

We ended up at Starbucks where it was nice and warm catched up for a little and said our goodbyes, as soon as we left it snowed. It’s Winter baby!

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What I Wore: Black Top {Here} I also own these {Here} Jeans {Here} Coat{Here} Similar {Here} This one is cute{Here} Totally getting this one {Here} Belt (Sold Out) Similar {Here} {Here}I have this one {Here} Headwrap {Here}Booties {Here} Similar {Here}

4 Fashion Items That Are Worth Spending More Money On

4 Fashion Items That Are Worth Spending More Money On

If you’re the kind of person that likes to save their money and make savings wherever you can, you probably don’t want to shop designer clothes all the time. There are so many cheaper options for clothing out there so a lot of people assume that expensive clothes aren’t worth it and they’re a big waste of money. However, that isn’t entirely true, and I believe it’s okay buying expensive clothes sometimes. You might be able to get cheap clothes that look the same, but the quality is not going to be as good. That means you will replace things far more often and the overall cost in the long term will be a lot higher. It’s also a lot more wasteful, so if you worry about your impact on the environment, cheap clothes are not great.

There are some situations where the expensive choice is the better one because it’s more cost-effective over time and the cheap versions don’t compare. But there are also times when the cheap option will do just fine, and knowing when you should spend and when you should save is the important thing. These are some of the fashion items that it’s worth spending money on. 


Jeans are a basic but versatile fashion item. You may think that there’s no need to buy an expensive pair because they look the same, but the quality of the denim will not be as good. It’s also likely that cheap jeans will be made from a material blend that is not as strong, so they will wear faster and need to be replaced. But a good quality pair of jeans is almost indestructible if you take care of them properly. They’re a timeless piece of fashion and although there are microtrends in jeans, a basic cut will always be in style. It’s far better to spend a bit of money on a pair that will last you years or even decades, instead of buying a pair every year. 

Evening Dresses 

If you are attending an event and you want an evening dress, you don’t want to go for a low quality one. The fit will not be as good and it won’t look nice. You’re much better off going for something quality, like jovani evening dresses instead. When you buy quality, your outfit will look far more elegant, and the quality of the dress will be a lot better so you can keep it for years to come. These kinds of dresses only get worn occasionally, so they will last a long time provided you opt for quality. 

Jackets And Blazers 

Jackets and blazers are great items to have in your wardrobe because they’re so versatile. You can match them with some dark pants and a blouse for a professional look but they look equally as good with some jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look. However, it’s important that you invest in a good quality one. A cheap, off the rack blazer won’t fit very well and it will not look very nice. If you want to get more wear out of it, you should spend a bit of money on a tailored one, or at least buy one and get it altered. A fitted blazer will look so much better than a cheap one, and it’s worth the investment because you can wear it in a lot of different situations. 

Work Shoes 

If you just want a simple pair of flat shoes for everyday wear, there is no need to spend a lot of money. There are plenty of cheap options out there that will do just fine. But when it comes to work shoes, it’s a different story. You’re going to be wearing them all day long, 5 days a week at least. If you do not have a comfortable, supportive pair of shoes for work, you will be in pain all day long. Cheap shoes won’t stand up to the wear and tear either, which means that you will always be replacing them. It’s best to spend a bit more on a good pair of shoes that fit well and offer you the support that you need if you are on your feet all day long. If you go for the cheap option, you are not really saving money in the long term. 

In some cases, buying cheap clothes is the best option as I sometimes like fast fast fashion. But when it comes to these key items, you will save more money and your outfits will look better if you go for quality over price. 

Thanks for reading Guys


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