Feeling Dainty In My Express Peplum Top

Feeling Dainty In My Express Peplum Top

Hey My loves,

You already know what I’m going to say right? right? How the heck is next week Thanksgiving lord help me. I really need this year to slow tf down because why are you in a rush? I have so much to do in so little time and when I say my anxiety is at a peak believe me ok. Plus it’s so much colder now and I’m not ready. It was all good about a week ago when the weather was 6o here and I definitely felt cute wearing this top, and was happy the world got to see as I did not need a coat.

I literally fell in love with this top at first sight but I was in between this top and this one {Here} both from Express… This black peplum top was adorable and loved it but when I tried on this faux leather one I’m wearing it was like… yes… this is the one. It’s so much more beautiful in person and soft to the touch. I’m obsessed. I may or may not wear it again to an influencer event next week.

I love dainty tops especially when they are peplum. It’s so feminine; I knew I was going to pair it with jeans to balance out the look. And Ummm can we talk about the puff sleeves…I’m in love.

After we were done with the shoot, I had to return an amazon package to the USPS store; then stopped at the supermarket dressed like this hahaha. I indeed got stares; as I live in the burbs and nobody I repeat nobody walks around looking like this. Oh and I may or may not have done a Lil dance while in the supermarket hahaha. 

Thanks for reading guys,


What I Wore

Must Have Holiday Bags

Must Have Holiday Bags

Love this bag, it has the right amount of sparkle perfect for all the holiday parties. {Here}

bag, feather bag, evening bag, holiday bag

This green feather bag is so pretty and such a showstopper bag. Trust me on this one, you will be turning heads. {Here} this one is cute {Here}

evening bag, holiday bag,

This bag is super cute, and a great size to put all your essentials inside. What I love about this bag is that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion, I would definitely wear it with jeans like the model with over-the-knee boots. {Here}

This bag definitely screams Christmas party or New years eve and I’m here for it. Bag, {Here}

holiday bag, evening bag, feathered bag, black bag

The feathered look is so in for the season and this Lil cutie is itttt, okay and I love that it comes in all these colors {Here} {Here} {Here}

silver bag, evening bag, holiday bag

Loving this style of bag super chic. {Here}

gold bag, evening bag, holiday bag,

This one is super sexy and I’m loving the color, It’s very much an investment piece but it will last you for years to come. Bag {Here}

Weekly Top Faves

Weekly Top Faves

Hey my loves,

So I’m going to start posting your weekly top faves all in one spot so you guys can always come back for reference. The weekly top will consist of all the top purchases based on my recommendations that you guys love. This will be a great way for you guys to check out what others are currently liking or obsessing over. Okay; so since we cleared that up let’s jump right in shall we?

THIS WEEK Top Faves Links

Coat {Here}

Black Peplum Top {Here}

Gold Necklace {Here}

Boots {Here}

Bag {Here}

Yankee Cap {Here}

Sunscreen {Here}

Wool Coat

This coat was a huge seller this week. I’m not surprised as each time I’ve posted it you guys go crazy. I honestly love the color and the oversized look. Such a chic coat that can be a great addition to your closet. The one posted sizes are sold out linked similar {Here} Other colors {Here}

Black peplum top

I recently visited the Express store and came across this black top that screamed my name. It was chic and girly and the fact that it was black and the quality was amazing gave it a 10 in my book. I shared it on my IG stories as I loved it so much and to my surprise, many of you loved it too. Oh and if you’re not following me over on IG then you should run:)


This was a banger this week for obvious reasons, A nice pair of over the knee boots should be a staple in your closet; especially if you experience both Fall and the Winter season.

Yankee Cap

I’m never surprised when I see this item weekly as a top fave from you guys. As much as I love my head wraps. I do love a good NY fitted cap. It compliments so many outfits plus it’s a good way to hide your hair on not-so-good hair days. I’m currently drooling over the beige color {Here} next on my list.

Bottega Veneta Dupe

Ahhhh I posted this stunner on my IG feed and you all went crazy so many Dm’s about this. Listen; I was just as shook when I received it- couldn’t believe how great it looked in person and the fact that it was prime was a WIN okay…

Gold Chunky Necklace

I was so happy when I saw a few of you purchase this item; as I promised you guys that I would be on the hunt for a nice gold chunky necklace- and this one didn’t disappoint.


This was super random but a lot of you picked this up and I couldn’t be happier as it’s one of my faves and a part of my daily regimen.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to see what makes the list next week.

Love Uzzz,

Denim On Denim

Denim On Denim

Hey My loves!

I don’t know about you but this warm weather that we’ve been having lately and in November might I add is everything to me. I mean… 60-degree and 65-degree weather in November is a dream okay, especially for my fellow influencers who know the struggle of taking pictures outside. Anyway, I’m swooning over this outfit look, and the fact that it’s so simple and easy to recreate is just the icing on the cake.

denim pants, denim shirt, headwrap, head wrap, bottega veneta,
denim pants, denim shirt, headwrap, head wrap, bottega veneta,

I originally found this outfit on pinterest and I thought wow this is so cute, I must recreate it. I immediately went into James’ closet; as I remembered I bought a denim shirt ages ago that he has not worn. Tried it on and it fit perfectly, it was the right amount of oversize too. I knew the pants I wanted to wear anddd I saw the perfect bag on amazon to go with. Of Course I had to add a twist to my look by adding my headwrap from WrapQueen and some accessories to make the look my own and Wallah. 

denim pants, denim shirt, headwrap, head wrap, bottega veneta,

Have you guys worn denim on denim before? And if you haven’t – Trust me it’s a vibe. It’s a must-have as you build your wardrobe. I’ll link the looks to this outfit below.

Thanks for reading my loves.


What I Wore:

*Camo Cargo Pants All Fall*

*Camo Cargo Pants All Fall*

So Camo pants are totally in for the Fall and when I tell you I’m here for it. I currently own two camo pants and one shorts lol which I didn’t get to wear this Summer but shall wear for the next. Camo is one of those trends that will never go out of style and those are the ones I’m all about. It’s like you just spend yuh money one time and done. The ones I’m wearing are of such great quality and the fit is amazing. The trick is to buy them oversized and get the waist altered; trust me on this-it’s worth it.

headwrap, headwraps, camo pants, camo outfit,

 Camo is very versatile and can be worn in so many ways. I’ve seen it worn with blazers, I’ve worn it also with a hoodie and heels, I’ve also seen it worn with striped shirts, buttoned down shirts and graphic tees; which looks so stylish and cool. I plan on wearing it next with my cropped leather jacket at least one last time before the weather goes cray cray lol.

headwraps, headwrap, head wrap, head wraps, camo pants, camo outfit

I decided to go girly up top and tough on the bottom. I live for those looks. It’s like mixing soft and hard which is always so unexpected and I love that. I went with my cropped sheer blouse that I’ve seriously owned forever and I felt like it went perfectly. I added my beige bag and clear heels to make the focus all about the pants. Honestly the camo pants were the star of the show and I wanted it that way. 

headwraps, headwrap, head wrap, head wraps, camo pants, camo outfit

I knew that the outfit needed a bit of color so I went with my Mustard headwrap from wrapqueen.com; and I loveee. I felt like it complemented the look so much especially the fact that I was blending in with nature:)

headwraps, headwrap, head wrap, head wraps, camo pants, camo outfit
headwraps, headwrap, head wrap, head wraps, camo pants, camo outfit

Thanks for reading you guys!


What I Wore.

Faux Leather Skirt and Black Blazer

Faux Leather Skirt and Black Blazer

Hey my loves!

The leaves have turned and I’m a happy girl. I don’t know what it is but I’ve officially become the girl that’s like.. “Look over there”, “Do you see that tree”? haha …yep that’s me admiring all the fall leaves. Let’s just say my son and hubby are sick of me at this moment; although they love it too. My plan is to take a few fall photos every day starting tomorrow as I know by next week the leaves would already have fallen… hopefully I stick with it. Now on to my look; faux leather skirt and my go -to blazer. If you’ve been reading my blog I mentioned that leather is totally in for the season, oversized leather jackets, leather pants, midi and mini skirts you name it. I’ve been wanting to wear this skirt for awhile now and finally decided to pull it out. I love the pleats, it’s giving very much sophisticated school girl. I’m totally living out my inner gossip girl dream okkk and with the black blazer and over the knee boots I dieee.

The fact that my headwrap matched so perfectly with this outfit; this wrap is everything to me. It tied the entire look together. Neutrals are the best in the Fall; I’m wearing my “No Cap” headwrap from Wrapqueen

headwraps, headwrap, fall outfits, leather skirt, leather skirts,

What I Wore

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