How To Make Denim Shorts Look Classy

How To Make Denim Shorts Look Classy

One thing about me is I’m going to wear some denim shorts in the Summer, okay, and they are going to be short although I’m on the hunt for some longer ones lol. But what we are always going to do is keep it classy. What I love about this look is that it’s easy to recreate, style it with your favorite Tee or blouse to achieve the same look.

Denim shorts are a timeless wardrobe staple that can be effortlessly versatile. From casual outings to summer events, denim shorts provide comfort and a cool factor to any outfit. However, some may associate them with a more laid-back or casual look. If you’re looking to elevate your style and make denim shorts look classy, I’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks to help you create sophisticated and stylish outfits with your favorite denim shorts no matter the length.

  1. Choose the Right Fit: When it comes to denim shorts, finding the right fit is crucial for a classy look. Opt for a pair that flatters your body shape and sits comfortably on your hips. Aim for a tailored or slightly loose fit rather than excessively tight shorts, as this will lend an air of sophistication to your ensemble. here are some examples. Denim Shorts, Denim Shorts, Denim Shorts.
  2. Embrace Longer Lengths: To achieve a more refined appearance, consider opting for longer denim shorts. A length that hits mid-thigh or just above the knee can give a more elegant and polished vibe compared to ultra-short shorts. This length also allows for more versatile styling options, making it easier to create sophisticated outfits. This can be a great option too especially if you are older or insecure about your legs.
denim shorts, classy shorts, jeans shorts
  1. Pair with Chic Tops: One of the keys to making denim shorts look classy is pairing them with sophisticated tops. Opt for blouses, button-up shirts, or tailored tops in high-quality fabrics. Silk or satin tops add a touch of luxury to your ensemble, while crisp white button-up shirts create a classic and timeless look. Experiment with different textures and styles to find the perfect combination that reflects your personal style.
  2. Add Layers: Layering can instantly elevate the look of denim shorts. Consider adding a tailored blazer or a lightweight cardigan to create a more polished outfit. Blazers, in particular, add structure and refinement to any ensemble. For a trendy yet classy look, you can also layer a loose-fitting, lightweight sweater over your denim shorts.
denim shorts, jeans shorts, classy outfit, blazer outfit
  1. Accessorize Thoughtfully: Accessories play a crucial role in transforming an outfit from casual to classy. Opt for accessories that complement your denim shorts outfit. A statement belt can add a touch of sophistication, cinching the waist and creating a more polished silhouette. Pair your outfit with elegant jewelry such as dainty necklaces or minimalistic earrings to enhance the overall look.
  2. Opt for Chic Footwear: Choosing the right footwear is essential when aiming for a classy appearance with denim shorts. Swap out flip-flops or casual sneakers for a more refined option like sandals, loafers, or heels. These choices not only add elegance to your outfit but also provide comfort and balance to the overall look.
  3. Pay Attention to Details: Small details can make a significant difference in creating a classy look. Pay attention to the condition of your denim shorts, ensuring they are well-maintained and free from frays or tears if that’s the look that you’re going with. Neatly roll or cuff the hem of your shorts for a polished touch. Additionally, consider tucking in your top to create a more put-together and sophisticated look as I did in the video.

There you have it guys, Denim shorts can undoubtedly be transformed into classy and chic outfits with the right styling techniques. By paying attention to fit, and length, pairing them with elegant tops, adding layers, accessorizing thoughtfully, selecting chic footwear, and focusing on small details, you can certainly achieve a sophisticated and refined look. Embrace your personal style, experiment with different combinations, and elevate your denim shorts game to create fashionable and classy outfits for any occasion.

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Easy Ways To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

Hey Ladies & Gents,

Welcome to my channel, in this video, I share my tips and tricks for building a wardrobe that makes us feel confident and fabulous every day. In this video, we’ll be talking about the ultimate wardrobe capsule – a collection of must-have pieces that will form the foundation of your closet.
I’ll guide you through the process, from selecting your core items to accessorizing and creating a cohesive look. Whether you’re looking to simplify your wardrobe, embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, or want to make getting dressed easier, this video is for you.

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How To Wear Camouflage In The Spring

How To Wear Camouflage In The Spring

Hey My Loves,

I absolutely adore camo print for the cool girl vibes it exudes. It effortlessly adds that edgy and rebellious touch that I can’t get enough of. While it’s true that camo print is often associated with the Fall and Winter seasons, I’m here to prove that it can be rocked in the Spring and Summer too. Let me show you a few ways to embrace camo during the warmer months. First and foremost, remember that camouflage can be considered neutral, which means you can pair it with virtually anything. I actually wore it in the Fall, here, and let me tell you, it was a fierce look. But honestly, you can rock that same style in the Spring as well.

Denim & Camo

camo pants, camouflage pants, camo skirt, camouflage skirt,

Denim and camo print are two iconic fashion elements that have stood the test of time, each with its own distinct charm and appeal. Both denim and camo print has the power to make a statement and showcase individuality, making them perennial favorites in the world of fashion.

T-Shirt & Camo

camo print, camo pants, camo skirt, camouflage pants

The combination of a T-shirt and camo pants creates an effortlessly cool vibe. It gives off the impression of minimal effort while still looking absolutely amazing. This ensemble is perfect for a variety of occasions, whether it’s a brunch date, a shopping trip, or a movie date with your significant other. For an extra stylish touch, opt for a colored T-shirt to add a pop of color to your outfit. Complete the look with a few simple accessories, and voilà! You’ve got yourself a fashionable and easy-going ensemble.

Camo Skirt

camo skirt, camouflage skirt, camouflage pants, camo pants

Oh my goodness, a camouflage skirt is absolutely stunning, and when it comes with a daring split, it’s simply mind-blowing! I have a special fondness for maxi skirts, especially when they have a stylish split like this denim one here. Let me tell you, a camo skirt can be styled just like camo pants. I’m in love of how she’s rocking a crop top with this look, and I would totally go for the same combination. If you’re not feeling completely confident about the length, you can also pair it with a slightly longer cropped top. Additionally, a buttoned-down shirt would be a fantastic choice to complement this outfit as well.

Leather Jacket & Camo

camo pants, camo skirt, leather jacket, camouflage pants, camouflage outfit

The combination of a leather jacket and camouflage is undeniably a powerful look. A leather jacket alone already emanates a cool girl vibe, but when you pair it with camo pants or a skirt, it takes your outfit to a whole new level. This ensemble is particularly suitable for the ever-changing weather of NYC, where spring mornings and nights can be a bit chilly. Wearing a leather jacket in such situations would be an ideal choice, ensuring both style and comfort.

Trench Coat & Camo Pants

Camo Pants, camo skirt, camouflage pants, camouflage skirt

Wheww y’all, I am absolutely obsessed with a fabulous trench coat, especially when it’s paired with camouflage pants. It’s a combination that embodies everything I adore. This look is incredibly chic and exudes a timeless classiness. That’s what I love about camo print—you can effortlessly dress it up or down, making it an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. It’s a print that oozes fashion and never fails to stay on trend, truly becoming a timeless piece that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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SHEIN SXY High Waist Flap Pocket Cargo Jeans

Camouflage Slit Pocket Frayed Cargo Skirt – Deep Green S

Camo Print Flap Pocket Denim Skirt

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How to Style a Long Denim Skirt This Season

How to Style a Long Denim Skirt This Season

Denim skirts are a timeless classic that has been a staple in women’s wardrobes for decades. The long denim skirt, in particular, has been coming back in recent years, offering a versatile and stylish option for casual and dressy occasions. If you’re looking for ways to style your long denim skirt this season, I’ve got you covered with some helpful tips and ideas. Oh, I ordered a few skirts as well, but this one was the first to arrive, so look out for some new looks coming soon.

Pair it with a crop top

Denim Skirt, long denim skirt, jeans skirt,

One of the easiest ways to style a long denim skirt is to pair it with a crop top. Which is exactly what I did. This combination is perfect for warmer weather, as it allows you to show a little bit of skin while still keeping things modest, minus my split hehe.  You can opt for a simple solid-colored crop top like me or go for something more patterned or embellished, depending on your personal style.

Tuck in a blouse

long skirt, denim skirt, denim maxi skirt, long denim skirt, jeans skirt

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, tucking a blouse into your long denim skirt is a great option. A button-up shirt or a flowy blouse can add a touch of elegance to your outfit, making it suitable for dressier occasions. You can finish off the look with some strappy sandals or heels.

Layer it with a sweater

You can easily style your long denim skirt for cooler weather by layering it with a sweater. You can go for a chunky knit sweater for a cozy and comfortable look, or a fitted sweater for a more polished look. You can also add a scarf or a jacket to complete the outfit.

Go for a denim-on-denim look

denim skirt, long denim skirt, denim on denim,

If you’re feeling bold, you can try the denim-on-denim trend by pairing your long denim skirt with a denim jacket or chambray shirt. This look works well when the shades of denim are different, so consider opting for a light-wash jacket or shirt if your skirt is darker.

Add some accessories

No outfit is complete without accessories, and a long denim skirt is no exception. You can add a belt to cinch in your waist and define your silhouette, or add some statement jewelry to add some personality to your outfit. I love some accessories you guys already know; Sunglasses, hats, and handbags are also great options to complement your long denim skirt.

So as you can see y’all a long denim skirt is a versatile piece that can be styled in many ways, depending on your style and the occasion. Hopefully, with these tips and ideas, you can easily create a stylish and comfortable outfit that will make you feel confident and chic.

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How To Wear a Lime Green Blazer This Spring

How To Wear a Lime Green Blazer This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to make bold fashion choices, and to introduce color to your wardrobe and what better way to make a statement than by wearing a lime green blazer? This bold and eye-catching color is perfect for the season, and can add a fun and playful touch to any outfit. I’m personally obsessed with this color as I’ve been incorporating it into almost every outfit recently.  So If you’re wondering how to wear a lime green blazer this spring, here are some tips to help you make the most of this statement piece.

Keep it simple:

Since the lime green blazer is such a bold color, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral. Pair it with a white or black t-shirt, some denim jeans or trousers, and a pair of classic sneakers or loafers, in my case; I opted for lime green heels and I loved the look. I also chose to wear a black crop top instead of a black t-shirt as I wanted to show off some skin.

Mix it up with prints:

Another way to wear a lime green blazer is to pair it with a printed shirt or dress. Look for patterns in complementary colors such as navy or white, and make sure the print is not too overwhelming or busy. Stripes would pair well with the color. 

Go all out with color blocking:

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try color blocking with your lime green blazer.  Color blocking is my absolute fave. Pair it with other bright and bold colors such as fuchsia or yellow, or with pastel shades like lavender or peach. Omg I dieeeee. 

Keep the accessories simple:

Since the lime green blazer is already such a statement piece, you don’t want to overdo it with the accessories. Stick to classic pieces like a simple watch or a leather tote bag, and avoid anything too flashy or distracting. I went with a simple necklace and a black bag in order to keep all the attention on the blazer. 

Layer it up:

Spring weather can be unpredictable, and if you live in NYC you already know  lol; Spring can be very bipolar; so make sure to layer your lime green blazer over a sweater or hoodie on cooler days. This will not only keep you warm but also add some dimension and depth to your outfit. Plus you will look super cool I promise. 

So did I convince you? Are you wearing a lime green blazer this spring?Remember you can keep it simple with neutral pieces, mix it up with prints, or go all out with color blocking, the key is to have fun and be confident in your style choices. With these tips, you’ll be able to rock your lime green blazer and stand out from the crowd this season. Now what else are we gonna buy in this color? hehe. Kinda feeling these pants:

Wide Leg Trousers

Linen Wide leg pants.

Pleat front Wide Leg Trousers

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The Ultimate Guide To Spring Fashion: Must-Have Trench Coats

The Ultimate Guide To Spring Fashion: Must-Have Trench Coats

Hey my loves,

Woke up today feeling blah mainly because the sun isn’t out and it’s a bit on the chillier side today, but I really wanted to get dressed up and go somewhere and if you know me then you already know that food is involved -hahaha -Goh. I actually told myself I won’t be eating too much this month as my birthday is next month.. but ….yea not happening lol. I decided to meet James for a quick brunch we had LOX my new favorite although the one I make is even better. I was really feeling my outfit today and loved the pop of green and brown combo especially paired with my bag… omg I dieeee. I’ve had this bag for over 10 years I bought it from a boutique in NY and it’s still my favorite. Oh, I love a good trench in the Fall & Spring, but a bomb faux leather trench is everything.

A faux leather trench coat can add an edgy touch to any outfit, it’s also versatile and’s giving you’re that girl. I love that it’s a true statement piece especially when paired with the simplest of outfits like I did here; and you have yourself a look okkk. The durable material provides protection against the elements, while the classic trench coat design allows for a timeless look that can be worn for years to come.

One of the best things about a faux leather trench coat is that it can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Pair it with jeans and a bodysuit for a casual look, or dress it up with a skirt and heels for a night out. The possibilities are endless y’all.

When it comes to color options, the classic black faux leather trench coat is always a safe choice. However, investing in a nice brown trench is great too. I’m obsessed with mine.

When shopping for a faux leather trench coat, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material. Look for coats made from high-quality faux leather that will last for years without showing signs of wear and tear.

So there you have it; faux leather trench coat is a must-have item for any fashion-forward girl this Spring. It’s stylish, versatile, and practical, making it the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Whether you prefer classic black , brown or bold and bright colors, there’s a faux leather trench coat out there for everyone. So try adding it to your collection – you won’t regret it! Below I linked some good ones for you to check out.



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