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How To Look Fabulous Every Day Of The Week

How To Look Fabulous Every Day Of The Week

An excellent way to boost your self-confidence is to look your best each day. You want to be able to look in the mirror every morning and love what you see before leaving the house.

I’m here to tell you there are steps you can take that will help you to look fabulous every day of the week. No longer will you have to feel shy or embarrassed about your appearance or as though you don’t deserve any attention. Implement these tips, and you’ll be on your way to walking around with your head held high and having a greater sense of what self-love is and how to ensure you’re practicing it more often.

Get Enough Sleep

You’re not going to be able to look your best when you’re tired and sleepy-eyed. Therefore, commit to getting enough sleep each night of the week. Come up with a relaxing bedtime routine you can follow to help you calm down and relax. For example, take a warm bath or read a good book instead of playing on your electronics. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to seize the day. You won’t have to deal with bags or dark circles under your eyes and will have plenty of energy to focus on getting yourself ready for the day.

Clean out Your Closet

It’s going to be challenging to look fabulous every day of the week if you don’t have the right attire in your closet or it’s messy. Therefore, take the time to clean out your closet and fill it with pieces and garments you love. Don’t be afraid to get rid of or donate what you no longer enjoy wearing or items that are out of style. Make room for new attire that you can purchase at the stores and hang in your closet so that you feel excited to get dressed each day. Have a mix of options so that you have plenty to choose from, whether you’re getting ready for work, a night out on the town, or a casual event.

Focus on Accessories

Accessories can go a long way in helping you to look fabulous each day of the week. A few ideas include having a couple of favorite pieces of jewelry you can throw on with your outfits. Also, if you wear glasses, then consider purchasing a trendy pair of round eyeglasses that will make you look smart, sophisticated, and stylish. Be sure to have the right handbag to go with your attire and to use accessories to add fun and a splash of color to your ensemble.

Pick out Your Outfit the Night Before

You’ll save yourself time and headaches when you work ahead and pick out your outfit the night before. You can wake up knowing that you don’t have to waste precious time in the morning figuring out what you’re going to wear. It’ll give you time to try clothes on and pick the perfect attire for the occasion when you start the process early. Otherwise, you risk rushing around in the morning and choosing clothes that may not be right or as flattering because you felt pressure to get out the door.

Do Your Hair & Makeup

You can also look fabulous every day of the week by committing to doing your hair and makeup regularly. Take good care of yourself by getting a cut and color frequently to keep your locks looking healthy and shiny. Find a hairstyle that’s both attractive and easy to care for and do. You want to avoid having it feel like a chore to get ready every day. Also, play around with your makeup so that you have different looks for different occasions and days of the week. You’re going to feel more beautiful when you take time to comb your hair nicely, and you have on makeup that highlights the attractive features on your face.

Paint Your Nails

Another way to look fabulous every day of the week is to attend to your nails. Make sure they’re well-trimmed and polished. Pick out seasonal and trendy colors that will help your nails to stand out for all the right reasons. It’s not a bad idea to head to the nail salon every so often and get a professional manicure to clean up any loose ends. Polished nails are attractive, and you won’t be shy about showing off your hands and fingernails when you’re at work or out and about in public.

Choose the Right Shoes

The right pair of shoes can go a long way to helping improve your posture and how you carry yourself. You can look fabulous every day of the week by choosing shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Be glad to know there are plenty of fashionable options when it comes to flats and shoes that won’t hurt your feet. In addition to comfort, have a variety of options in your closet so that you have an assortment of colors and styles to match any outfit you choose. If you want to wear heels at work then maybe have a nice pair of tennis shoes you can throw on to get you to and from the office and then change once you arrive at your job.

Exercise & Manage Your Stress Regularly

You may feel too tired to care about your looks and take care of yourself if you’re always stressed out. Therefore, find healthy ways to manage and deal with your worries and anxieties. When you do so, you’ll be able to function to the best of your ability each day. You’ll look more fabulous when you practice self-care and are attending to your mental health properly. One way to manage your stress and feel more confident in your clothes is to exercise daily. Exercise is an excellent way to release any negative feelings or emotions and clear your head. You’ll not only have more natural energy and be in a better mood most days, but you’ll also be toning your body and getting into better physical shape at the same time.

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How To Look Fabulous Every Day Of The Week

This is How To Let Your Personality Shine Through Your Style!

Your style is the essence of who you are distilled into the way you dress and present yourself. That is why it’s so crucial that you find ways to let your true personality and light shine through in the way that you dress. It’s also pretty fun to see fashion that way too, so with that in mind, check out my guide on how to make sure the way you dress reflects who you are. 


One of the most straightforward ways that you can let your personality shine through in what you wear is with color. In fact, as you can see from my other posts, I’m not shy about letting bright and bold colors speak for themselves. 

Of course, the easiest way to work colour into your wardrobe is to choose an accessory in a popping vibrant shade that will compliment your outfit. Bags and head wraps work particularly well, but statement necklaces, scarves, and even shoes can do the trick too.  


Of course, if you want to go all out on the customized front, you can invest in getting some pieces designed and made especially for you. A subject you can find more about at In fact, there are several advantages to getting custom pieces of clothing or jewelry. 

The first is that they will be guaranteed to fit you like a glove because they will be made with your measurements rather than just to standard sizing. Something that can be a real pain as discussed at, by getting a custom piece made for you, you will have something that no one else in the world does. 

Obviously, when it comes to getting custom fashion pieces created, you will need to work with a designer, or at least a tailor or seamstress. While for jewelry, you can use a site like to find the loose stone that you want. Then you will be able to take this to a designer or maker and ask them to set it for you. Something that ones you will end up with a real one of a kind, and there is nothing that will let your personality shine through quite like that!  

DIY Customization 

It’s also helpful to note there are other ways if customizing pieces to reflect your personality apart from getting items made from scratch. In fact, making small alterations and customizations yourself is entirely possible. Something that can leave you with some seriously awesome clothes with which to express yourself too. 

Of course, one of the most on-trend and straightforward ways of doing this right now is to apply patches to your denim or leather items. Something you can read about doing at You can even get an excellent selection for sites like ebay and amazon. 

Alternatively, how about attempting some more complex customizations such as fraying, ripping, or even a rework of a current piece like you can see in the video below? 

In fact, by doing the customization yourself, you get the fun of challenging yourself to do a new thing. You will also be left with a one-off piece that encapsulates your style that you can keep in your wardrobe (and wear, of course) for years to come! 

My Love for Statement Coats And Color*

My Love for Statement Coats And Color*

Hey My Loves!

Are you gushing over this coat as much as I am…I’m so so so in love. The color is perfect, so bright and vivid I mean you’d be able to spot me from a mile away honestly lol. I knew I wanted the outfit to be minimal so the coat can do all the work. I mentioned this in my last post as well; in the Winter all you need is an amazing statement coat and perfect accessories to go with it!

As I’m writing this I just realized that this could have been a look for NYFW. Oversized coats are a must during fashion week and oversized blazers are my favorite as well. I literally own every color blazer you can imagine, you can thank my many years in corporate for that. I plan on giving them their debut in the Spring and Summer months paired with short shorts. I’m seriously loving layered looks it just screams effort when in reality you barely tried hehe.

Is there anyone else obsessed with clear heels I can’t seem to get enough they compliment every outfit. I actually stop myself from wearing it as I own alot of shoes but for this look I couldn’t resist I plan on investing in a few more before these die on me…Are you guys loving clear heels as well? If so what brand are you obsessed with?

Can we talk about this headwrap? Yes! ok good:) Well first of all I love this freaking wrap omg, the colors are so bomb and it was the perfect match for my coat. I’m wearing “Glow up 2.0” from my brand WrapQueen.

Hmm what else has been going on in my world. I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with life these days, especially with the news about Kobe Bryant, and I’m forcing myself to actually live, live each day being happy and grateful and being appreciative of the present. I’ve been loving on my kid a lot more too and trying my best to have him do all the things he loves at the moment which is Swimming. Yeap! I’m a swim mom lol. I never knew how to swim growing up, and seeing my son be a beast in the water, I’m beyond proud. I wake up each day listing 5 things I’m grateful for. And one of them is being able to work for myself which allows me to be with my husband and kid, seriously how lucky am I?

Wishing you all a productive week love u all so much!!


What I wore: Tee {Here} Jeans {Here} this one is so cute {Here} Heels {Here} Headwrap {Here} Coat from {Daniel’s Leather}

Unique Ways To Update Your Look

Hey My loves!

So many of us have our own style and thrive on sticking to that, but we all like a little bit of an update to our looks now and then; right? There is no real need to stick to one type of style as life is all about experimenting and having fun; and changing things up occasionally is important. Finding our style can help us with our confidence and ensure that we get a good sense of self. Generally, as teenagers we try all sorts of things out to find what suits us, which is why at that age things can seem a little cray. But as we get older we should still experiment with our looks and try new things. We can evolve, and improve ourselves over time if we try.


Piercings are obviously very specific to the person and a personal choice. Having a personal piercing of some kind such as a surface tragus piercing can really help you finish off a certain “look” and this can be exciting and new if it is the first time you have tried them or if you’re into that! But it’s not something to be scared off, all you need to do is make sure that you have the right information about your intended piercer. For example their health and safety information, and whether they value hygiene as you do. This is essential since a piercing going wrong can be devastating to your health. Piercings can be incredible, and whether it’s your nose, a body piercing, or just some extra ones around your ears it certainly makes a statement. i plan on adding a few more to my ears during the Summer.

Next year’s fashion

Getting one step ahead, and doing some research about what next years fashion trends are can make you feel great, being organized, staying in the “know” can keep you ahead of fashion trends, which can help you stand out when the time is right! Although standing out isn’t necessarily the aim of the game, who am I kidding it definitely is! haha,when you’re looking to make a statement then this can be a winner. Ultimately keeping ahead of the fashion game is something that you can do for fun, you can also tell your followers about upcoming trends which they will love!


Normally, we don’t always tend to see people in hats, it’s not something that we all choose unless it’s a stylish hat in the winter. But being bold and making sure that you have a little bit of a statement hat, can really help you complete a look. Some people tend to choose to put a hat into their wardrobes, to ensure that they have options, or even have a hat as a part of a specific outfit. But whatever you choose to do, do it boldly and don’t worry about what others have to say- be you!

So don’t forget to try things out, experiment with your looks, and feel happy with your choices. At the end of the day you’re the one who has to wear your chosen accessories or outfits, so as long as you are happy when you look in the mirror nothing else matters. After all we are in 2020 and it’s time to live our best lives!

Thanks For Reading guys!


Why Every Girl Needs A Statement Coat!

Why Every Girl Needs A Statement Coat!

Hey My Loves!

If you’ve been an OG follower of mine then you are very aware of my love for statement coats! They are literally perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe, and trust me they will come in handy on days when you’re sitting in your towel looking at your closet full of clothes saying wtf am I gonna wear to this event etc hahahah. I know I’m definitely guilty of saying what am I gonna wear while I’m looking at a 10 pairs of jeans, 15 sweaters, 6 button downs lol you get the drift, but don’t tell the hubbz I said that-hahahha.

Statement coats are everything, well first of all I love to layer, which is kinda why I dislike Summer because you cant layer 🙁 especially not with NYC heat smh. During the Summer I gotta be creative with my outfits and honestly I’m just tryna be nakey hahah omg what is wrong with me, I cant stay focus lolol. No, but I love the Fall, Winter, and even Spring as it allows you to wear a statement jacket of some sort.

Statement coats instantly makes you appear more stylish when all you did was put on a tee and a good pair of jeans and walah! Imagine wearing an all black look and then bam you add a bright neon pink coat over your shoulders. I actually own a faux fur Pink coat which I plan to wear very soon. Statement coats/ jackets brings life and personality to your outfit, you wanna know that girl with the beautiful coat, what’s she like? where does she shop? What does the inside of her closet look like and much more, I know I obsess when I see girls in beautiful coats.

I was too excited to wear this coat maybe that explains why I was ::Cheesin:: so much in this photo lol. We had a beautiful day in the city and I was feeling absolutely amazing, I had just released a few new arrivals on “Wrap Queen” and was so excited to make a video for my customers announcing that we finally have a new texting service so they no longer had to wait on an email to keep up with me!

Any whose love the simplicity of this coat and I love that it’s black and white; which means I can wear it in so many ways. I just love pairing black and white with red so that was an obvious outfit choice for me. I would love to pull this coat off in the Spring as well wearing pastel colors- omg imagine ugh can’t wait….Stay Tuned!:) Oh and feel free to use code S1island15 for $ off .

Thanks so much for reading you guys!


What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Coat {Here} Denim {Here} Similar{Here} Tee {Here} Heels /Sold out- but I love this one here! {Here} Necklace {Here}Bag YSL

Chunky Sweater…Yes Please!

Chunky Sweater…Yes Please!

Hey My Loves!

How are you? I hope you all are doing great and trying your best to stick to your New year goals. I know I am for sure. Although I can’t seem to go to bed early for the life of me. And I definitely need the sleep as I am a witch in the morning lol -and I’m not a coffee drinker- so you can imagine my poor kid and the hubby having to deal with me. Oh btw my new fave thing is listening to podcasts before I go to bed; quickest and easiest way to fall asleep. Let me know if you want me to share my faves! Okay moving on. I had no idea I Loved Chunky sweaters until now, when I tell you I need them in every color believe mehhh.

This sweater is so bomb you guys, so cozy and the colors I die. So I’m not sure if you remember but I’ve always said that I love all the colors… lol- well guess what I lied haha my fave is orange. I love the way it looks on my skin, yellow is a close second fave but orange has my heart. I love that the sweater has the right amount of orange/ rust. It gives off an expensive luxurious feel which I’m here for!

We’ve been having some really nice NYC days. This day it was 63 degrees & your gurl was so happy which is why I turned my sweater into a cropped version and I think I loved it even more. I decided to wear a simple denim with this look as I wanted all the attention on my sweater. I felt like my headwrap and sweater stole the show-heheh.

P.S. Feel free to use code S1island15 for $ off!

Thanks for Reading my loves!


What I Wore: Headwrap: {Here} love this one {Here} Sweater in size {M} {Here} Denim Jeans {Here} Heels/{Here} Love these {Here}

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