Denim On Denim

Denim On Denim

Hey My loves!

I don’t know about you but this warm weather that we’ve been having lately and in November might I add is everything to me. I mean… 60-degree and 65-degree weather in November is a dream okay, especially for my fellow influencers who know the struggle of taking pictures outside. Anyway, I’m swooning over this outfit look, and the fact that it’s so simple and easy to recreate is just the icing on the cake.

denim pants, denim shirt, headwrap, head wrap, bottega veneta,
denim pants, denim shirt, headwrap, head wrap, bottega veneta,

I originally found this outfit on pinterest and I thought wow this is so cute, I must recreate it. I immediately went into James’ closet; as I remembered I bought a denim shirt ages ago that he has not worn. Tried it on and it fit perfectly, it was the right amount of oversize too. I knew the pants I wanted to wear anddd I saw the perfect bag on amazon to go with. Of Course I had to add a twist to my look by adding my headwrap from WrapQueen and some accessories to make the look my own and Wallah. 

denim pants, denim shirt, headwrap, head wrap, bottega veneta,

Have you guys worn denim on denim before? And if you haven’t – Trust me it’s a vibe. It’s a must-have as you build your wardrobe. I’ll link the looks to this outfit below.

Thanks for reading my loves.


What I Wore:

5 Mindset Hacks That Changed My Life

Hey My loves,

We are talking about 5 mindset hacks that changed my life and hopefully can change yours.You have to live your life now not tomorrow. Also please stop comparing yourself now; I promise you it’s not healthy. You’ll definitely have to get rid of toxic people in order to upgrade your life. I’ll be discussing how to level up and reminding you why practicing gratitude is so important. Oh and I’m going to be sharing with you what hacks you can do to limit social media.

Love you guys,

Thanks for watching.

#mindset #levelup #liveyourbestlife

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Must-Have Colorful Coats

Must-Have Colorful Coats

winter fashion, bright coats, colorful coats

Hey, My Loves!

I recently did a poll on my IG @Islandchic77 asking you guys what you preferred neutrals Vs colored coats. The majority voted for color coats, and guess what you don’t have to tell me twice. I live for color, especially in the Winter. It just makes everything that much better. If you’ve been following for a while then you for sure saw this pic and the one below.

winter coats, bright coats, colorful coats

I’ve linked a few of my faves for you guys here…I’m obsessed with all of em.

Coat 1{Here} Coat 2) {Here} Coat 3(Here) Coat 4{Here} Coat 5{Here} Coat 6{ Here} Coat 7 {Here} Coat 8 {Here} Coat 9 {Here} Coat 10 {Here}

NYC Vlog/ Get Ready With Me/ Setting Boundaries/ Best Jamaican Food and Much More

Hey My loves! Decided to visit my fave city lol NYC and ofc we had to give you a NYC vlog. I had the best time with the hubbz. We did some Soho Shopping and ate a ton of food. We ended up stopping by the best Jamaican food spot in the Bronx; when I tell you it was so good! Ohh and I also did my makeup with you guys and chatted about setting boundaries and much more…..Hope you enjoy it!

Makeup Products Used//

Brow Pomade Here

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Angled Brush Here

Concealer Brush Here

Fawn Concealer Here

Dark Cocoa Concealer Here

Brow Setter Here

Brow Gel Here

Loreal Concealer Here

Face Primer Here

Makeup Palette Here

Translucent Powder Here

Setting Spray Here

Mac Skin Finish Here

Lippie Here

Lip Liner Here

Earring Here

WorkOut Top Here

Workout Pants Here

Wide Leg Denims

Wide Leg Denims

Hey My Loves,

If you are new to my blog or just me in general well I’m here to say my name is Kelly and I’m addicted to denims. My favorite is still skinny jeans with the highest heel hehe but wide leg denims …whewwww let’s just say I’m addicted at the moment and probably will be forever they are so flattering on the body and gives off an effortless vibe which I love. Below I will link a few faves.

wide leg denims, jeans

Currently Sold Out; {Similar Jeans #1} {Similar Jeans #2} {Similar Jeans #3}

wide leg denims, jeans,

Denim Looks, Top Left, {Jeans #1} {Jeans #2} {Jeans#3} Bottom Left { Jeans #4} {Jeans#5} {Jeans #6}

A Day In Soho

A Day In Soho

headwraps, headwrap, green heels, soho

Hey My loves!
Ahhhh screaming because April is almost done like wow how is it possible. My birthday is literally next week and I have nothing planned sigh…Ooooh I just got an idea for a youtube video I’ll ramble on. We recently went to Soho in New York. Well James and I as he’s teaching there on the weekends and I had the day to myself to go window shopping and people watching…….when I tell you I had the best damn time. I even vlogged a bit. I was so happy the sun was shining and my hair was out and poppin. I was wearing my favorite shirt too….so you know. I stopped in Nars, Sephora and Zara . I spent the most time in Zara as the store was huge. I didn’t even make it upstairs as James came to pick me up. But we plan on this week so let’s see how it goes. I may go to a museum or something …can’t wait.

denim jeans, green bag,

We took so many pictures and video…. I was obsessed with the city. I felt like a tourist. I swear I have a new appreciation for the City now that I don’t live here hahah… although I would never give up my suburban life- it’s everything-but I do love a little noise and excitement from time to time hahah.

What I Wore: Vintage thrifted Shirt,{Similar} ({Similar} {Similar} {Similar}{Similar} {Similar}Love this color {Here} Jeans {Here} {Similar} Heels; {Here} {Similar} {Similar} These are super cute{Here} N {Here} Green Bag; Zara {Similar} {Similar} Necklace, Sold Out {Similar}

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