5 Ways You Can Be Irresistible To Your Man

Ladies I’ve been married for 20 years so I’ve got a few tricks and tips up my sleeve okayyyyyy. In this video, I will discuss how you can be irresistible to your man/husband so he will marry you. I’ll be sharing ways to be vulnerable in a relationship; also how you can be confident in yourself. We will also talk about two important things; don’t be a pushover and don’t be thirsty. Trust me ladies you will not get him to marry you that way. Lastly, I will give examples of how to have your own life in a relationship. Hopefully, these tips can work for you; please let me know in the comments if you’re already practicing any of these tips or which information you plan on implementing in your relationship.

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5 Mindset Hacks That Changed My Life

Hey My loves,

We are talking about 5 mindset hacks that changed my life and hopefully can change yours.You have to live your life now not tomorrow. Also please stop comparing yourself now; I promise you it’s not healthy. You’ll definitely have to get rid of toxic people in order to upgrade your life. I’ll be discussing how to level up and reminding you why practicing gratitude is so important. Oh and I’m going to be sharing with you what hacks you can do to limit social media.

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NYC Vlog/ Get Ready With Me/ Setting Boundaries/ Best Jamaican Food and Much More

Hey My loves! Decided to visit my fave city lol NYC and ofc we had to give you a NYC vlog. I had the best time with the hubbz. We did some Soho Shopping and ate a ton of food. We ended up stopping by the best Jamaican food spot in the Bronx; when I tell you it was so good! Ohh and I also did my makeup with you guys and chatted about setting boundaries and much more…..Hope you enjoy it!

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7 Skincare Products You Need Now For Glowing Skin

In this video, I’ll be showing you 7 skincare products you need now. These skincare products are super affordable and honestly the best on the market, and they won’t break the bank. These skincare products will help you to have beautiful skin, hydrated skin, moisturized skin, and of course healthy skin. Also, say goodbye to hyperpigmentation. Niacinamide is my new best friend. \\ My Headwrap Company – www.wrapqueen.com//

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