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It’s all about the Jeans

Hey My loves! It's June 1st ahhhhhhh like how lord I'm not even gonna start because like howwwww. The fact that I only have 6 months to crush these goals I have for myself is terrifying and exciting at the same time. I just got butterflies in my tummy just now saying...

A Day In Soho

Hey My loves!Ahhhh screaming because April is almost done like wow how is it possible. My birthday is literally next week and I have nothing planned sigh...Ooooh I just got an idea for a youtube video I'll ramble on. We recently went to Soho in New York. Well James...

Bright Colors All Spring!

Hey My loves!It's Spring in NYC. Well that's until today ....when we had a snow storm hahaha smh. I literally have to laugh cuz wtf bruh was I wearing open toe heels just this weekend and now I'm in winter boots shoveling my front door steps. Anyway I'm so...

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