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Statement Coats

So there is nothing I love more than statement coats, why? because it instantly makes you look like you’re doing the most when in actuality you are not. When wearing statement coats; what you wear underneath can be very simple. A tee/ graphic tee, Turtle neck, button down shirt any of those options can suffice. I decided to go with my trusty white tee as you can never go wrong. A statement coat doesn’t have to have a pattern, it could simply be a bright colored coat or a coat with lots of details. A standout piece.
I’ve had this coat for awhile but I refused to part ways as I can totally wear this in so many ways. I could do an all black look or all ivory. So don’t think this will be the last time you see this coat. I’m all about re-wearing clothes. You guys, you don’t always have to buy something new when going to an event, you should always be able to shop your closet. Mix and match your items, if you wore a skirt with a look last time, try wearing pants the next etc, have fun with it. 

Quick story about what I did this particular day. We ended up driving to the post office as it closes at 6pm on Sundays and we had to get there before closing. We then took these pictures and decided to grab a bite to eat. We tried a ramen spot which I wasn’t too impressed with- but we were all starving. We then decided to go to HomeGoods to pick up a few things for our dog and a few lil things for the house, candles, table books etc.

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What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Similar{Here} Coat Old, {Similar} {Similar} {Similar}{Similar} {Similar} Jeans {Here} {Similar} I have these also{Here} White Tee {Here} love this option {Here} too. Heels {Here}

Red Blazer And Matching headwrap

Hey My loves!

It’s Mid August and I did absolutely nothing this Summer….Well I did decorate my new house a lil bit- but honestly I’ve just been focusing on the business. I feel like the hubbz and I are literally starting all over again and it’s overwhelming to say the least, But it’s also fun and exciting at the same time. So many new things we have planned for our brand WrapQueen that I can barely sleep thinking about all we have to do, plus be good parents to our big baby. We introduced new Tees to the website which I’m super excited about and plans for even more. Anyway let’s get into the real reason you are here as I could go on forever hahah.

I actually wore this outfit to one of our shoots. I was really excited to wear my “Boys N the Hood” tee as I just purchased it the day before at Target. I swear -don’t sleep on Targets Graphic Tee section; especially the Mens section- they have all the good stuff there. I knew the fam and I would grab a bite to eat after the shoot so I made sure to carry my blazer which I’ve had forever, and some heels incase we decided to go somewhere fancy shmancy lol but guess what we didn’t -but I was able to dress up and feel cute which I rarely get to do these days. We went to an Hibachi restaurant for dinner which was decent, it was a new spot so yeaaa.

I mean you wouldn’t be able to tell by this picture but red is not really my fave color although this entire look is red hahah. I usually like to sprinkle red here and there -but decided to go all out with this look and I love it! It’s so bold and in your face- there is absolutely no blending in -with this look. Would you rock all this red? If No? why not I’d love to hear your thoughts my loves!

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What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Tee-Shirt {Here} Denim Sold out; Love these {Here}{Here} & {Here} Blazer Sold out- I love this one {Here}

Back To Basics

Back To Basics

Hey My Love bugs!

Let me know if you like that name or not hahah. It’s new goh lol. How are you guys? I’ve been okay although I will say my mood has been up and down lately I’m sure like everyone. Right?! There’s alot going on in my world right now and I can’t wait to spill the beans, honestly it’s stressing me out as it’s huge super huge lol. Hmm what else lately I’ve been feeling a bit sad as I’m not posting as much as I want to and I have all these great looks in my head hahaha and just can’t find the time; I mean I try to tell myself that I’m busy doing other things so It’s okay -you can’t do it all. I literally run an entire business with my husband and it’s just us. But I really love getting ready and putting makeup on and expressing myself through my outfits, blogging is where it all started to for me honestly. My passion for experimenting with color and different looks is what inspired “WrapQueen” so of course I’m the happiest when I’m in front of the camera. Ohhh man and social media doesn’t help because I see all these beautiful looks from my favorite influencers and I’m like; “umm babe when we can we go take some pictures”. Ohhh and then forget it I end up purchasing whatever I see them wearing and they sit in my closet for the next year. Smh. I literally just bought a pair of booties from Zara this week and a Jacket and bag from Shein…shhhh don’t tell the hubbz.

I took these pix early this month we just wrapped up a photo shoot- first one since covid and I was so tired and hungry. I usually never eat before a business photoshoot because of my nerves and anxiety; so I usually save it until after. We took photos of three girls and two of them brought friends with them, when I tell you it was a lot as everyone tried putting their input in the shoot I was super over it. Going forward I’m definitely not allowing extras on shoots unless I have an assistant with me to handle everyone. Nevertheless I’m super happy with how the pictures came out!

We were headed to the car to go home and I remembered that I dressed up for a reason lol and that If I didn’t take these pictures I wouldn’t have time for a while to take them so I switched shoes through all our belongings to the side and got these pix done. N I love them; as it’s such a simple basic look. Very easy to recreate which is why I love it. Nothing beats a white buttoned down shirt and a cool pair of jeans. I’m all about effortless looks these days. Do you guys love simple looks too? I plan on wearing all simple looks this season.

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What I wore: Headwrap; sold Out- More {Here} Denim {Here} Shirt {Here}

Last days Of Summer in my Prince Tee

Last days Of Summer in my Prince Tee

Hey My loves!  

How are you? When I  tell you I’m over September sigh your girl is stressed tf out my darn Apple computer screen broke and has been in a repair shop for a week and I have so many deadlines to meet before the year ends it’s unbelievable. Literally just got in it with the hubby as he’s telling me-we need to go food shopping as we are beyond low, but I’m currently trying to plan our second WrapQueen shoot of the year; I have no time to think about food shopping. Your girl is stressed just dealing with models etc it’s a lot and I’ve been doing it for 4 years. It really never gets easier, I mean easier in the sense that I don’t really get super disappointed when they promise they will show up and then ghost me, yes I deal with that too. Honestly being a business owner is one of the toughest jobs ever, and being a boss and not having a team just yet, having to manage yourself; that takes tons of self discipline as know one is going to tell you to get to work no one is going to push you to do more for the business and when your business feeds your family it’s a whole lot of pressure to give everytime no matter what. Before I starting writing this I was working on an email to send to my WrapQueen Subscribers as I’m really trying to step it up this month and meet our goal income for the month. Omg that felt so good to let out lol but let’s move along to this fit I think this may be my fave look of the year.

I’m literally obsessed with the prince tee, so cute. I love it although I wish I got a bigger size for when I want to style it another way ya know… hmmm might get another so I can have that oversized look. 
I’m also super loving these jeans, these are my 3rd pair of jeans from missguided and tbh I wasn’t sure I was going to love them but I’m obsessed with the fit. I feel snatched okay snatched. Plus I love the color of this denim as it’s not too light so I can for sure wear it in the upcoming seasons! 
As far as my blazer goes, girl it’s thrifted can you believe that? It’s so perfect I bought it 6 years ago when I worked in a corporate office but never got a chance to wear it until now smh. Andddd this very reason is why I’m a hoarder haha  because imagine I got rid of this since I wasn’t wearing it-woulda been so sad lol. How would you guys rock this tee? I would love to know! Lets pray for a good October.

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What I wore: Tee {Here} Jeans  {Here} Blazer; Thrifted {Similar} {Similar}  Headwrap {Here

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