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pink Statement Blazer

pink Statement Blazer

Pink blazer, denim, headwrap, bright color outfit,

Hey My loves,

So if you’ve been following me for a bit you know I love a good statement blazer ,overcoat, cami etc. I just think they make anything look good. I mean literally you can be wearing a T-shirt and jeans or a cute denim shorts and just by adding a simple blazer you instantly look amazing. Trust me! I especially though- live for a blazer in color. I think I own practically every color at this point except orange I donated a lot of things last year and I think I accidentally got rid of it… madd it was a good one. I intend on wearing them all Summer long in different ways.

This pic was taken in 2014 wow- I honestly would wear this again- minus the shoes because ummm haha

Moving right along…this particular blazer is thrifted. You can find so many good ones at thrift shops. If they are oversized that’s even better- but if you want a more fitted look then that’s when I would suggest taking it to your seamstress. I use to wear my pink blazer often when I worked in the corporate world… yeap I was the brightest girl in the office lol. As I look back; now I realize I was totally not meant for that world at all- I never followed the dress code I even wore my headwraps to work -hahah fun times. Anyway I knew I wanted to wear pink and yellow such a pretty combo to me. The colors just pop and I had the perfect headwrap to go with.

bright colors, pink, pink blazer, headwrap, wrapqueen, denim,

Fun fact as we took these pics it was starting to rain, you know the nasty misty rain it was also very cold and windy and I was trying not to tear up- which is why I turned my head to the side in the pic above lol. Hubby had his umbrella up to protect his camera- so many people were passing bye like- is sis crazy- but the job had to get done. I was determined to get my shots.

Bright colors, Islandchic77, headwrap, wrapqueen, pink blazer, bright color outfits, spring looks

I really wish I got a closeup of my nails -they went so good with my headwrap but as I said it was raining sooo I couldn’t do extra but next time I gotchu.

Bright colors, Islandchic77, headwrap, wrapqueen, pink blazer, bright color outfits, spring looks

Thanks for Reading guys- Love uzzz!


What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Pink Blazer- Thrifted {Similar} {Similar} Jeans , (Sold Out) Similar {Here} w/o ripped {Here} Bag (Old) Love this one {Here} and {Here} Heels, Sold out; Love these {Similar} {Similar} {Similar)

My Love for Statement Coats And Color*

My Love for Statement Coats And Color*

Hey My Loves!

Are you gushing over this coat as much as I am…I’m so so so in love. The color is perfect, so bright and vivid I mean you’d be able to spot me from a mile away honestly lol. I knew I wanted the outfit to be minimal so the coat can do all the work. I mentioned this in my last post as well; in the Winter all you need is an amazing statement coat and perfect accessories to go with it!

As I’m writing this I just realized that this could have been a look for NYFW. Oversized coats are a must during fashion week and oversized blazers are my favorite as well. I literally own every color blazer you can imagine, you can thank my many years in corporate for that. I plan on giving them their debut in the Spring and Summer months paired with short shorts. I’m seriously loving layered looks it just screams effort when in reality you barely tried hehe.

Is there anyone else obsessed with clear heels I can’t seem to get enough they compliment every outfit. I actually stop myself from wearing it as I own alot of shoes but for this look I couldn’t resist I plan on investing in a few more before these die on me…Are you guys loving clear heels as well? If so what brand are you obsessed with?

Can we talk about this headwrap? Yes! ok good:) Well first of all I love this freaking wrap omg, the colors are so bomb and it was the perfect match for my coat. I’m wearing “Glow up 2.0” from my brand WrapQueen.

Hmm what else has been going on in my world. I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with life these days, especially with the news about Kobe Bryant, and I’m forcing myself to actually live, live each day being happy and grateful and being appreciative of the present. I’ve been loving on my kid a lot more too and trying my best to have him do all the things he loves at the moment which is Swimming. Yeap! I’m a swim mom lol. I never knew how to swim growing up, and seeing my son be a beast in the water, I’m beyond proud. I wake up each day listing 5 things I’m grateful for. And one of them is being able to work for myself which allows me to be with my husband and kid, seriously how lucky am I?

Wishing you all a productive week love u all so much!!


What I wore: Tee {Here} Jeans {Here} this one is so cute {Here} Heels {Here} Headwrap {Here} Coat from {Daniel’s Leather}

Tis The Season

Tis The Season

Hey My loves!

So we made it to the end of the year, can you believe that! I felt like the time just flew by. I swore it was summer just a week ago week ago {Does the Shmoney Dance} hahah- I’m sure no one does that dance anymore. Anywhosee took these pix Christmas Eve with the Fam. We did some last minute shopping which included Sephora! I so owe you guys a sephora haul. I have so many faves from there that y’all are gonna love! Tons of skin care stuff too. We also stopped at the Leggo store, got some gifts for my boy and a grabbed a bite to eat.

I decided to wear red because it’s the holidays and I seem to always wear that color during this time especially my “Red Velvet “wrap. December in NYC has been super warm compared to past Winter temps so my look was perfect; and easy. Tee jeans and a long coat. My outfit cocktail. Quick outfit trick try wearing the same colors “Monochrome” it always looks super expensive but most importantly put together. Took this shot on our way out and I adore it. We spend the rest of the night wrapping gifts and watching movies.

What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Jacket (Sold out){Similar} {Similar}Super love this one{Here} Jeans {Here} Similar{Here} Shoes; Steve Madden Sold Out {Similar} Bag {YSL}

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