How To Create My Everyday Makeup Look: Step-by-Step Tutorial

How To Create My Everyday Makeup Look: Step-by-Step Tutorial

I’ve been a makeup enthusiast for 20 years and since then I realized that every woman should have a go-to makeup look or a signature face. That’s a makeup look that you know will never fail you. You will 100 percent look good every time because it’s a look that you’ve perfected for some time, so you can basically complete the look in your sleep. Well this look is my “Everyday Makeup Look” I wear it all the time. I wear it for my Instagram/ blog pictures also If I have an event to attend this is the look, with maybe a bit of shimmer for some razzle dazzle hahah. It’s hilarious to me though because if you could see the amount of screenshots in my phone with different makeup looks that I told myself I would try; and never do, ugh. I just always find myself coming back to my signature face because your girl is always in a rush. I highly recommend you guys try out different looks and see what works, I promise you it will save so much time.

Makeup Products:

My Favorite Everyday Lip Combo you need To Try now

My Favorite Everyday Lip Combo you need To Try now

Hey My loves,

I’ve always wanted to sit down and do a video for you guys, and I’m finally doing it yay!! I also filmed this makeup look too so stay tuned for that. There was a time when Mac lipsticks had me in a choke hold lol I mean Candy Yum Yum and Ruby Woo oh and Morange was all I wore, These days I’m into nude lips. Yeap a simple brown liner and some gloss. I have a few lip combos that I wear on a daily basis but this is the combo that you guys always see in pictures. I’ll be doing an all drugstore version soon too stay tuned for that.

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3 Makeup Products Every Girl Needs

3 Makeup Products Every Girl Needs

Hey My Loves,

I’m no gatekeeper so I’m going to share 3 makeup products that every girl needs in her makeup bag.

Product Links:

  1. Makeup Primer {Here} {Here}
  2. Setting Powder {Here} {Here}
  3. Setting Spray {Here}

Makeup Primer:

Makeup Primer is what goes on before your foundation. A makeup primer is going to make sure your makeup doesn’t slip and slide. Invest in a good makeup primer, ladies. My favorite is from the brand Milk Makeup and Elf.

Setting Powder:

A setting powder is very necessary; it’s what helps your makeup to in fact set. However you don’t have to set/bake for a long time, just enough to be sure your makeup stays put. I love Laura Mercier and Huda Beauty.

Setting Spray:

The setting spray is a crucial part to your makeup routine, it’s basically the finishing touch. Your setting spray is what’s going to give your makeup that air brush look that we all love and your makeup will last for hours. I swear by the setting spray from Urban Decay.

Let me know in the comments what your holy grail products are.

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