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Bright Colors All Spring!

Hey My loves!

It’s Spring in NYC. Well that’s until today ….when we had a snow storm hahaha smh. I literally have to laugh cuz wtf bruh ….how was I wearing open toe heels just this weekend and now I’m in winter boots shoveling my front door steps. Anyway I’m so happy to see color all over the stores right now. I mean I never needed color to be on trend as you all know that’s pretty much all I wear. It’s my love language lol but it’s nice to have options.
I’ve had this orange pullover for a while now. It actually came with a skirt but the skirt fitted all types wrong so I will never wear it lol …but this top I can’t get enough of, decided to pair it with my green bag for that good ole color block look and I love it. Oh and these jeans are hunny…I’m obsessed -got them a while back too will def link. They fit amazingly. I do wish it was a tad longer to hide my shoes but that’s just my preference; I still think they are pretty hot. Super comfy and I felt like I could eat my life away in these as it was so roomy at the waist. Oh and I felt like I was back in HS with these cargo pants. Added my favorite headwrap at the moment to complete the look and wahlahhhh.
We spent the day in Brooklyn as the hubbz had to teach a class. Once he was done we went to try a new spot in BK called PEPPERS Jerk Chicken, I do think I have to visit another location as the chicken was definitely not peppery lol. I ofc spilled sauce on my pants lol, We then headed back into the city to snap this pic and took our dog Cookie for a walk …she was horrible hahah. I swear I wish we got her when we lived in the city; as now she’s used to the quiet life, the soft life, so noises and all these random dogs in the city have her on edge lmao …so embarrassing. That’s it for now guys gotta go make dinner.

Thanks For Reading,


What I Wore: Headwrap {Here}Orange sweater {Here} Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} Love this option {Here} Jeans; Sold Out; only available in Tall {Here} Similar {Here} Obsessed with these {Here} {Here} More options {Here} Bag; Similar{Here} {Here} Heels, {Here}{Similar}{Similar} {Similar}

Feeling Green

Feeling Green

Hey Guys!

It’s been a hot minute hahah do people even say that anymore lol…sigh. Anyway I’m not really sure what the heck happened -I just know that February came and went so freaking fast. I had a few things planned for that month but my son had other plans smh lol let’s just say, we had to take that month to focus on him. So I was busy being a mommy first and had to chill on my videos for youtube- although I do have one recorded but I still need to edit etc, but I promise it’s going up- be sure to subscribe to my channel if you love me hehehe.

Now that we are in March my dog Cookie needs all my attention…lol we now have her in puppy classes; as she’s a hot mess around other dogs, cars y’all everything lmao and since we will be in NYC almost every weekend coming up- we figured this was the best time to train her. Hmm what else have I been up to…Well as usual WrapQueen we have a few exciting things planned so I’ve been working on that as well. But I couldn’t wait to get back to this- blogging my first love lol.

Okay let’s move on because I know you are here for the outfit lol. Took this pic about two weeks ago when the fam and I went to the City. I always look forward to going into the city- now that we don’t live there anymore. I crave the chaos, the loud sounds; the people watching the different smells from restaurants I wouldn’t dare try; as I’m picky asf lol -and eat the same things basically over and over; however I still miss the smells; it’s just very NY. We came into the city to run some errands and we decided to stop at a new sushi restaurant called Sushi Tokyo Chelsea It was very nice and they treated us like royalty . The venue was pretty small but the food was overall good. James and X loved it.

I love wearing bright colors in the Spring so I’m so happy to see color everywhere these days. I decided to wear my green blazer as I wanted to wear a pop of color. I went with an all black look, as I find that colored blazers look more put together with neutrals. At this point I own almost every color blazer but I’m on the hunt for a bright orange one.

Thanks for reading you guys see you in the next post!


What I Wore:Headwrap “Here” Blazer “Here” Similar “Here” “Here” Top “Here” Pants “Here” Similar “Here” Heels “Here” Similar”Here

Spring Are you there?

Hey my loves!

So I really would like to know how the heck did February come and finish so fast because I mean it’s practically done …..sigh or is it just me? I had so many plans for this month but this month had other plans for me. I somewhat feel defeated but I know there’s a reason I had to slow down. We got so much snow recently and the temperatures were super cold where I live; that all I wanted to do is stay under the covers and work on Wrap Queen. I must say I am proud of myself though as I’m still crushing goals behind the scenes; even if it’s not the ones I want yet. Do you guys ever feel that way? where you had so much planned but then it got pushed back yet somehow you still got stuff done hahah but just not the stuff you originally wanted lol. I hope that made a lil sense. I digress.

I decided to go simple with the outfit today as sometimes less is more. A basic top and a nice fitting pair of statement denim is all you need sometimes when you have no idea what to wear. Honestly; jeans are my fave thing to wear when in doubt. Yeappp. Jeans and a nice top and what -A statement blazer lol.

One of my fave ways to dress up a simple look is to add accessories . A bold necklace or earrings can instantly spice up a look. and ofcourse you guys know I love to wear my headwraps. It was actually 56 degrees out and lately that feels like Spring so I enjoyed not layering although we didn’t go far, James and I went for a bite to eat and came right back home. Also can we talk about my jeans? It’s actually not a skinny jean which is literally all I wear. Love how sophisticated, chic and tall these boot cut denims make me look. I plan to wear the heck out of them this spring.

Thanks for reading guys!


What I Wore: Headwrap ; Sold Out {Similar} Top Old {Similar} {Similar}{Similar} Love this one for the Summer {Here} Denim {Here} {Similar} {Similar} love these{Here} Necklace {Here}

pink Statement Blazer

pink Statement Blazer

Pink blazer, denim, headwrap, bright color outfit,

Hey My loves,

So if you’ve been following me for a bit you know I love a good statement blazer ,overcoat, cami etc. I just think they make anything look good. I mean literally you can be wearing a T-shirt and jeans or a cute denim shorts and just by adding a simple blazer you instantly look amazing. Trust me! I especially though- live for a blazer in color. I think I own practically every color at this point except orange I donated a lot of things last year and I think I accidentally got rid of it… madd it was a good one. I intend on wearing them all Summer long in different ways.

This pic was taken in 2014 wow- I honestly would wear this again- minus the shoes because ummm haha

Moving right along…this particular blazer is thrifted. You can find so many good ones at thrift shops. If they are oversized that’s even better- but if you want a more fitted look then that’s when I would suggest taking it to your seamstress. I use to wear my pink blazer often when I worked in the corporate world… yeap I was the brightest girl in the office lol. As I look back; now I realize I was totally not meant for that world at all- I never followed the dress code I even wore my headwraps to work -hahah fun times. Anyway I knew I wanted to wear pink and yellow such a pretty combo to me. The colors just pop and I had the perfect headwrap to go with.

bright colors, pink, pink blazer, headwrap, wrapqueen, denim,

Fun fact as we took these pics it was starting to rain, you know the nasty misty rain it was also very cold and windy and I was trying not to tear up- which is why I turned my head to the side in the pic above lol. Hubby had his umbrella up to protect his camera- so many people were passing bye like- is sis crazy- but the job had to get done. I was determined to get my shots.

Bright colors, Islandchic77, headwrap, wrapqueen, pink blazer, bright color outfits, spring looks

I really wish I got a closeup of my nails -they went so good with my headwrap but as I said it was raining sooo I couldn’t do extra but next time I gotchu.

Bright colors, Islandchic77, headwrap, wrapqueen, pink blazer, bright color outfits, spring looks

Thanks for Reading guys- Love uzzz!


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RiRi INspired Look

RiRi INspired Look

Hey My Loves!

How are you? I missed you….so much has been going on in my little world and I cannot wait to share with you guys I promise I’m gonna spill the beans soon. We are so excited and just been taking it in all these days. Hmm what else? My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I cannot believe it but with the way life is so unpredictable and fragile I’m actually looking forward to it. I was never really into Birthdays growing up and I’m actually mad about that. I grew up a Jehovah’s witness so  we weren’t allowed to celebrate; but as I’m older I realize that celebrating life is a blessing that not many get to see. My husband’s birthday is also in May and Mothers day -so it’s looking like May is finna be lit! Hahah.

headwraps, headwrap, head wrap, head wraps

Okay now that I’ve given you a bit of an update- let’s move on to what you’re really here for shall we? So if you have been an OG follower of mine then you already know I love doing celebrity looks for less. My faves have always been Kim Kardashian and my girl RiRi. I have gravitated to both their styles over the years and always enjoyed doing a look for less. It has been a while though- as Kim K kinda lost it for me when she started to wear more casual looks, which I’m not really a fan of. My girl RiRi was busy working on Fenty so no outfit looks from her as well, but can I tell you when I saw this pretty spring look on her recently I was too happy as I had the perfect top for the look. Plus I love showing how you can rock any style wearing a headwrap. 

I absolutely love this look on her. It’s youthful, flirty and playful too. I just love the carefree vibe of the look with the shirt not buttoned all the way up, the glasses just kinda hanging off the shirt and then the unexpected mini skirt. This look can easily be created with any button down shirt you own. For a more high end look try wearing a white buttoned down with red lips or you can even wear your mansss shirt. I’m sure he won’t mind hahah.  Another place you can go if you really want to duplicate this look is a thrift store. They are guaranteed to have something similar.

I love that she paired this look with heels; although a nice white sneakers would look so good as well. But the heels just give it a sophisticated sexy look. Very grown woman and I’m here for it. I’m hoping the paparazzi can get more looks of her lol as I’m so ready to start doing these again. Let me know if there’s any other celeb looks that you’d like me to duplicate. I actually saw a look on Victoria Beckham that she wore on her birthday and I might just try it. I mean Victoria Beckham is a fashion Icon, so let’s see if I’m able to do it. Stay Tuned!

What I’m wearing: Top (sold Out) Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here}White Buttoned down Shirt {Here} Skirt- Similar {Here} {Here} Heels; PLT Sold Out, {Similar} {Similar} Love this {Here} N {Here}

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