Wide Leg Jeans And BoyFriend Jeans Oh My…

Wide Leg Jeans And BoyFriend Jeans Oh My…

wide leg jeans, boyfriend jeans

Hey My loves

If you’ve been following me for awhile then you already know my love for denim jeans …at this point it’s my fave thing ever. It’s my go-to when I don’t know what to wear; paired with a blazer and a cute top …and this Fall I plan to wear lots of boyfriend and wide leg jeans. I meannn my skinnys won’t ever go anywhere as long as I can fit them ..ahem but I really want to. invest in more boyfriends and Wide leg jeans. There’s a few from agolde that’s on my wish list; like this one {Here} and {Here} and I I’ll definitely let you guys know once I get those.

headwrap, wide leg jeans

I recently purchased these jeans and I’m too excited…I love all for different reasons and different occasions. What about you guys have you tried any of these denim styles as of yet. Here’s a quick look at my most recent purchases.

1) Black Jeans {Here} 2) Denim Jeans {Here} 3)Denim {Here}

Wide Leg Denims

Wide Leg Denims

Hey My Loves,

If you are new to my blog or just me in general well I’m here to say my name is Kelly and I’m addicted to denims. My favorite is still skinny jeans with the highest heel hehe but wide leg denims …whewwww let’s just say I’m addicted at the moment and probably will be forever they are so flattering on the body and gives off an effortless vibe which I love. Below I will link a few faves.

wide leg denims, jeans

Currently Sold Out; {Similar Jeans #1} {Similar Jeans #2} {Similar Jeans #3}

wide leg denims, jeans,

Denim Looks, Top Left, {Jeans #1} {Jeans #2} {Jeans#3} Bottom Left { Jeans #4} {Jeans#5} {Jeans #6}

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