*A Full Neutral Outfit*

*A Full Neutral Outfit*

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Oh My god who am I…hahah do you guys even recognize me lol. I’m wearing a full neutral outfit; listen I barely recognize myself. Let’s talk about how this outfit even came to light okay. So It was a Saturday afternoon and I knew I wanted to shoot the next day, I originally wanted to wear a bright pink crop top that showed boobage haha as pink is the color for Fall baby but it just wasn’t looking good with my jeans. I suddenly remembered I had this black top from Zara and wanted to wear it before the Summer ended. Tried it on and it fit great but didn’t quite look so good with my jeans either; felt like I needed a more dressy bottom. Checked my closet and found these beige wide leg pants and I immediately was like yep this is it. Wide leg trousers especially beige are so on trend for Fall. And that’s how your girl ended up in a full neutral look.

I must say I’m not too mad at it, and I’m loving how it looks with my headwrap from Wrapqueen {Here}. After the shoot James and I had Chipotle In the Car haha and talked for two hours before heading home. It was great; I felt like we had a lil day date and I was dressed for the occasion..ahem well overdressed.

Below I linked a few similar and a few that can be worn for the Fall.

Islandchic77, WrapQueen, Headwrap, Headwraps,

WrapQueen, Headwrap, Headwraps,

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What I Wore{Headwrap} Top; Old Zara {Similar} {Similar} {Similar}{Similar} {Similar}{Similar} {Similar}Pants; Forever 21 {Similar}{Similar} {Similar} {Here} Makeup Palette {Here} Bag {Here}

Color Blocking Green And Yellow

Color Blocking Green And Yellow

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Hey My loves!

So I’m back and I’m color blocking today, honestly my favorite thing to do. Y’all already know how I feel about putting colors together orange and pink are my favorite. But when I got this shirt I knew right away I wanted to wear it with these Mustard/ Yellow pants that I had; and I felt like it looked perfect. I actually had the greatest Idea with this look ….I wanted to wear it for Jamaica independence August 6th against a black wall but we had so much going on that we didn’t quite get to do so. But can you imagine that tribute to my country- lol totally looking like my flag.

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Did you guys notice that I’m wearing another puff sleeve top…clearly I’m obsessed. It’s not as dramatic as the one I’m wearing here but I still love it nonetheless as it makes a statement; and I’m always here for statement pieces. Oh and can you believe it’s from Amazon? I got it in a size  large just so I could have a bit more room although; I could have gone with a medium.  

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Okay can we talk about my headwrap for a sec, because yesssss!! It’s so pretty the colors are everything. We dropped some new items on Wrapqueen.com and it sold out immediately, this one I’m wearing included.  We recently restocked and it’s going again so if you love it you already know what to do my loves!

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What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Top {Here} Pants; Sold Out {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} love this color {Here} Bag {Here} Chain Belt{Here}

Wide Leg Denims

Wide Leg Denims

Hey My Loves,

If you are new to my blog or just me in general well I’m here to say my name is Kelly and I’m addicted to denims. My favorite is still skinny jeans with the highest heel hehe but wide leg denims …whewwww let’s just say I’m addicted at the moment and probably will be forever they are so flattering on the body and gives off an effortless vibe which I love. Below I will link a few faves.

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Currently Sold Out; {Similar Jeans #1} {Similar Jeans #2} {Similar Jeans #3}

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Denim Looks, Top Left, {Jeans #1} {Jeans #2} {Jeans#3} Bottom Left { Jeans #4} {Jeans#5} {Jeans #6}

Bright Colors All Spring!

Bright Colors All Spring!

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We spent the day in Brooklyn as the hubbz had to teach a class. Once he was done we went to try a new spot in BK called PEPPERS Jerk Chicken, I do think I have to visit another location as the chicken was definitely not peppery lol. I ofc spilled sauce on my pants lol, We then headed back into the city to snap this pic and took our dog Cookie for a walk …she was horrible hahah. I swear I wish we got her when we lived in the city; as now she’s used to the quiet life, the soft life, so noises and all these random dogs in the city have her on edge lmao …so embarrassing. That’s it for now guys gotta go make dinner.

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What I Wore: Headwrap; Sold Out. Orange sweater {Here} Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} Love this option {Here} Jeans; Sold Out; only available in Tall {Here} Similar {Here} Obsessed with these {Here} {Here} More options {Here} Bag; Similar{Here} {Here} Heels, {Here}{Similar}{Similar} {Similar}

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