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Neutral Palette Red Gray and White

Neutral Palette Red Gray and White

Hey Loves!

Another blog post so soon? Who am I? hahahah I know right I’m honestly surprising myself too. But my thing is this -if you feel like doing something just do it and get it over with -as you don’t know if you will feel like that again or if you’ll be busy the next day etc. So if I wake up and I have the time to fit in an outfit look for you guys I will. If I feel like doing an in depth skin care routine on a particular morning; I will because lord knows- even that sometimes is a struggle lol.

Okay so let’s talk about this look shall we? I went with a neutral palette today… ahem again who am I? hahha. I actually recorded a video for youtube entitled; ” How To Look Expensive” {Here} be sure to follow my channel {Here} In the video I spoke about how a white shirt can make you look super expensive when you’re not sure what to wear -so once I was done recording I decided to run out for a quick picture. I went with a pop of color of course because I wouldn’t be Kelly If I didn’t do so. Red, gray and White are a perfect neutral palette that works so well together. These red heels are a fave of mine. I had them forever; nothing like a pointy toe heel to have you looking classy,and sophisticated. I thought about going with a black long coat but wanted to avoid being matchy matchy so went with gray -which is the perfect neutral color which isn’t often used. I see more beiges and blacks but I promise you your closet needs a gray coat. I then added a statement bag and wah lah lol. I love simple looks like this- especially for the winter because nobody has time to be doing the most, so invest in staple coats that you can wear with basic outfits. Linked a few good ones below. See you in the next post my loves.

Thanks For Reading you guys!


What I wore: Headwrap {Here} Denim{ Here} White Shirt{Here} Coat, Similar {Here} {Here} And {Here}Red Heels; Sold Out Similar {Here} and {Here}Love these {Here}Lippie {Here} Necklace {Here} love this one {Here} Bag Ysl

All Brown Look

All Brown Look

Hey Babes!

How are you! Happy New year; we are finally here I must say I was sorta excited for the New Year which I never am, blame it on me be an over thinker…sigh. I’m always anticipating what’s coming next and having super anxiety; which never really allow me to live in the moment. But somehow this year I felt ok despite all the madness going on in the world. I believe it’s because I actually took the time to plan my year somewhat-meaning I’ve set goals for myself and my business that I’m confident I can execute which takes the fear away, so my one advice to you guys for 2022 is set realistic goals for yourself and try not to wing it so much this year. Oh while you’re at it be sure to check out my video “Here” on how to manifest your best life in 2022.

all Brown looks, headwrap, headwraps, winter fashion

Okay now let’s get into this look shall we. So it all started with the first all brown look above. I saw the look on pinterest and I was obsessed; as I’ve never done all brown but I have done all black so I wanted to try. I literally went in my closet and picked out everything that was brown and hoped for the best lol. It was a warmer day which is why I paired this look with open toes ;if it was a colder day I would have definitely worn my clear heels with this look. I also had the perfect headwrap to go with -which tied the entire look together. Don’t you think? Would you guys rock all brown? I actually believe that monochromatic outfits work everytime; but let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading you guys!


What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Jacket sold out- {Similar}Need this color {Here} Plus Size {Here} {Similar} {Similar} In Black {Here} Pants:Sold out; {Similar} {Similar} Love these {Here} Top: {Here} {Similar} Heels; {Here} {Similar} {More Styles}

My Love for Statement Coats And Color*

My Love for Statement Coats And Color*

Hey My Loves!

Are you gushing over this coat as much as I am…I’m so so so in love. The color is perfect, so bright and vivid I mean you’d be able to spot me from a mile away honestly lol. I knew I wanted the outfit to be minimal so the coat can do all the work. I mentioned this in my last post as well; in the Winter all you need is an amazing statement coat and perfect accessories to go with it!

As I’m writing this I just realized that this could have been a look for NYFW. Oversized coats are a must during fashion week and oversized blazers are my favorite as well. I literally own every color blazer you can imagine, you can thank my many years in corporate for that. I plan on giving them their debut in the Spring and Summer months paired with short shorts. I’m seriously loving layered looks it just screams effort when in reality you barely tried hehe.

Is there anyone else obsessed with clear heels I can’t seem to get enough they compliment every outfit. I actually stop myself from wearing it as I own alot of shoes but for this look I couldn’t resist I plan on investing in a few more before these die on me…Are you guys loving clear heels as well? If so what brand are you obsessed with?

Can we talk about this headwrap? Yes! ok good:) Well first of all I love this freaking wrap omg, the colors are so bomb and it was the perfect match for my coat. I’m wearing “Glow up 2.0” from my brand WrapQueen.

Hmm what else has been going on in my world. I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with life these days, especially with the news about Kobe Bryant, and I’m forcing myself to actually live, live each day being happy and grateful and being appreciative of the present. I’ve been loving on my kid a lot more too and trying my best to have him do all the things he loves at the moment which is Swimming. Yeap! I’m a swim mom lol. I never knew how to swim growing up, and seeing my son be a beast in the water, I’m beyond proud. I wake up each day listing 5 things I’m grateful for. And one of them is being able to work for myself which allows me to be with my husband and kid, seriously how lucky am I?

Wishing you all a productive week love u all so much!!


What I wore: Tee {Here} Jeans {Here} this one is so cute {Here} Heels {Here} Headwrap {Here} Coat from {Daniel’s Leather}

It’s Winter Baby

It’s Winter Baby

Hey My loves!

Miss Me? Miss u!! So what’s been going on you ask? Well I’ve been a busy bee over at WrapQueen with holiday orders and such, plus being a mom which I’m so absolutely grateful for. But can I tell you that I jumped at the chance to not look like a homeless person. The other day I did a quick photo shoot with a friend totally last minute as she was leaving to Germany the same night as the shoot, so instead of my usual sweat pants attire I decided to throw some jeans on my booties and my fur and head out the door- I felt amazing sigh… I can’t wait to serve some looks this Winter. As much as I despise the cold weather; I do enjoy dressing up for it. The layers the booties the thick sweaters….I die!!!

We ended up at Starbucks where it was nice and warm catched up for a little and said our goodbyes, as soon as we left it snowed. It’s Winter baby!

Thanks For Reading you Guys!


What I Wore: Black Top {Here} I also own these {Here} Jeans {Here} Coat{Here} Similar {Here} This one is cute{Here} Totally getting this one {Here} Belt (Sold Out) Similar {Here} {Here}I have this one {Here} Headwrap {Here}Booties {Here} Similar {Here}

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