Guest Post Writing Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing for IslandChic77. Before you start writing, we want to make sure we’re on the same page. Over the years, IsC77 has developed a distinct brand; readers have come to expect certain themes and a certain style in articles from IsC77. If we don’t think your article meets the standards that our readers expect, we will decline your submission.

The IslandChic77 Mission

IslandChic77 is a blog / online magazine dedicated to guiding women through fashion and life. It features articles on helping women improve themselves through fashion and beauty. In our search to become the best version of “ourselves” we look for the best fashion and beauty examples in action. We analyze the lives of great women who knew what it meant to be beautiful inside and out and learn from them. Every week we seek to uncover the essential skills and knowledge today’s woman needs to know. Many women today are struggling to find themselves amongst various media that states how or what they should be; which always seems to be negative. They have lost the confidence, focus, skills, and virtues that women of the past embodied. In short, they are a little lost. The feminist movement did some great things, but it also made women confused about their role and no longer proud of the virtues of being a woman. We have been too concerned with being like men and not being ourselves. We have taken on the negative aspects of men thinking that it will make us equal with them. This, coupled with the fact that many women are raised in single parent homes where moms are too busy to pass on tradition, has left a generation adrift as to what it means to be a well-rounded woman.

IslandChic77 Audience

Over 90% of IsC77 readers are women ages 25-35. As such, posts must be written for a female audience over the age of 21 and below the age of 30. When you write an article, write it for a woman. Take into account the problems and needs that are unique to women. IslandChic77 readers also tend to be a semi-conservative bunch. They’re looking for a return to traditional feminine qualities but are open minded and embrace new ideas. They’re looking for practical stuff they can do to become better women now. Many readers are active in religion, however, please don’t write articles that are churchy or overtly religious. IsC77 is for women of many backgrounds and beliefs.

IslandChic77 Style

We’ve worked extremely hard in developing a distinct IslandChic77 style. Thus, we have to ensure that submissions from other authors are in line with it. To assist you in ensuring your article will fit well on the site, and to increase your chances of having it published, we provide the following guidelines. Obviously, not all of the guidelines need to be used in every post; they are meant to give general direction:

  • Find a way your topic relates back to Fashion and Beauty. Remember, IslandChic77 is all about rediscovering the lost art of being a woman. How does your topic help revive this art? However, don’t force this if you don’t see any connection between your subject and modern women.
  • Explain why. In the introduction, try to tell the reader why an IslandChic77 woman should care about this topic. Is it a cool tip or tradition, something that will improve her life, something that will help her become a better woman, something that’s just fun? Why should the reader care about your topic?
  • Look to current and past trends for inspiration. We often begin a post by exploring the history of the topic. If there’s some great women in history who exemplified your topic, begin with a short section about that. For example, if you’re writing about how napping can improve your beauty, begin with a short section about some great women that took naps. If you’re writing about improvising in the workplace, start off by talking about modern day business women and entrepreneurs and how women can take lessons from them to the workplace. Again, don’t force it if there isn’t a natural connection to the past.
  • Use humor. While we take our mission of helping females be better women seriously, we have fun while doing it. We try to inject a bit of humor into our posts. Do the same.
  • Don’t be preachy. Don’t use an article as a chance to get on your soapbox and preach. Women don’t like being preached to. Observe an area that you see women today lacking in and offer suggestions on how they can improve. Don’t use SHOULD or MUST or language like “Real Women Do______.” This turns people off.
  • Don’t get churchy. While we focus on traditional values, we try to keep the site as religiously neutral as we can.
  • Actually read IsC77. The best way to get a feel for our style and what we’re looking for in guest submissions is to actually READ IsC77. You’d be surprised how many submissions we get from people who’ve never read our blog. Don’t be that person.
  • Most importantly, write in a “bloggy” style and format. We don’t want one long, unbroken essay. Most people scan when they read blogs, so basically we want to make an article as scannable as possible. Create a clear introduction that sets up the post. Use headings to break posts into sections. Use numbered points or bullet points when you think it will help.

Requirements of Posting on the Site

Here are some other requirements that need to be followed. Most of these are self explanatory and very obvious.

  • You must write ALL of the content as opposed to saying, “Kelly wrote a cool article, click here to read it.” You can, however, reference pertinent sites in your post as long as you link to them.
  • Please do not use any affiliate links or refer to any spam sites.
  • The article you submit cannot be published on other sites, including your own.

Post Length Requirements

IsC77 prides itself on its comprehensive posts. To that end we’re looking for posts that are 800-2,500 words long.


One of the things that sets IslandChic77 apart from other blogs is the amount of research we put into each post. We approach the site like an actual magazine article or a short essay. We don’t just surf the web looking for someone who has already written about the subject and then rehash that person’s post into our own words. We’ll go to the bookstore and read actual books and magazines. We recommend you do the same. We don’t have a problem with internet sources, but don’t use just one source. Find multiple sources and take the best from all of them.

We also encourage you to ask experts in the field you’re writing about. It gives the article more persuasive power if you can cite an expert. Plus it adds variety to the content that’s already out there. If you’re writing about hair, don’t just find a website that has already posted about that topic, call your hairstylist and get her take on the subject.


We’ll run through every post to look for simple typos and grammar mistakes. But we expect the article you submit to us to be a polished FINAL copy that’s ready to publish. If your article doesn’t meet our standards either in writing style, organization, or content, we will not publish it. We will offer feedback or a chance to revise the article once.


We typically use cool pics and Gifs to illustrate our articles. We will provide the images. However, if you have a “how-to” article with step-by-step instructions that you’d like to provide pics for, you’re welcomed, and encouraged, to do so.


If you wish to do so, you may include a 1-3 sentence byline at the end of your article. You can use it to link your own website and or social media if you desire. Here is an example: Aria Fitzgerald is a 2:39 marathoner and USA Track & Field certified coach. Get the latest training tips at Strength Running – or sign up for a free email series on injury prevention and running performance.


Please remember that submission is not a guarantee of publication. If for any reason your writing, style, or content are not in keeping with the standards of IsC77, your article will not be published. Once again we will notify you of changes that need to be made before we publish the article.


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