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Wearing Classics

Wearing Classics

Hey My love!

How are you? It’s November baby!! Omg 2 more months until the month ends say it ain’t so. Remember in the last post I said I don’t want the year to end because your girl got things to do! Well I kinda want it to end because so much is happening and I’m excited, anyway it’s getting colder here in NYC and windy too- did I mention I hate the wind lol; my eyes get super dry and starts to tear up- ugh the worst! Please drop any tips for ya girl to help- So my trick for now is wearing sunnies.

headwraps, headwrap, head wrap, head wraps

We took these pix super fast as believe it or not there was a huge line in front of the Chanel store during a pandemic I know right! After the pix we went to do our favorite thing eattttt lol. We drove to Brooklyn to our fave poke spot and headed home.

What I wore: Pants sold out {Here} love this one {Here} N {Here} Top{Here} Headwrap {Here}

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