pink Statement Blazer

pink Statement Blazer

Pink blazer, denim, headwrap, bright color outfit,

Hey My loves,

So if you’ve been following me for a bit you know I love a good statement blazer ,overcoat, cami etc. I just think they make anything look good. I mean literally you can be wearing a T-shirt and jeans or a cute denim shorts and just by adding a simple blazer you instantly look amazing. Trust me! I especially though- live for a blazer in color. I think I own practically every color at this point except orange I donated a lot of things last year and I think I accidentally got rid of it… madd it was a good one. I intend on wearing them all Summer long in different ways.

This pic was taken in 2014 wow- I honestly would wear this again- minus the shoes because ummm haha

Moving right along…this particular blazer is thrifted. You can find so many good ones at thrift shops. If they are oversized that’s even better- but if you want a more fitted look then that’s when I would suggest taking it to your seamstress. I use to wear my pink blazer often when I worked in the corporate world… yeap I was the brightest girl in the office lol. As I look back; now I realize I was totally not meant for that world at all- I never followed the dress code I even wore my headwraps to work -hahah fun times. Anyway I knew I wanted to wear pink and yellow such a pretty combo to me. The colors just pop and I had the perfect headwrap to go with.

bright colors, pink, pink blazer, headwrap, wrapqueen, denim,

Fun fact as we took these pics it was starting to rain, you know the nasty misty rain it was also very cold and windy and I was trying not to tear up- which is why I turned my head to the side in the pic above lol. Hubby had his umbrella up to protect his camera- so many people were passing bye like- is sis crazy- but the job had to get done. I was determined to get my shots.

Bright colors, Islandchic77, headwrap, wrapqueen, pink blazer, bright color outfits, spring looks

I really wish I got a closeup of my nails -they went so good with my headwrap but as I said it was raining sooo I couldn’t do extra but next time I gotchu.

Bright colors, Islandchic77, headwrap, wrapqueen, pink blazer, bright color outfits, spring looks

Thanks for Reading guys- Love uzzz!


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Crop Tops & Mom Jeans

Crop Tops & Mom Jeans

Hey My Loves!

It’s been forever I know, so much has been happening in the world-that when I tell you I needed a break I needed a break. I was mentally and physically exhausted -drained to capacity. I’m sure I’m not the only one either, for the most part it seems as if it’s been rough on us all in some way and as an empath oh man did I feel it. Honestly I didn’t know when I would get back to feeling myself again. Would you believe me if I told you I haven’t worn makeup since February and this is my first time actually putting on a pair of jeans since then. I was just happy it fit me lol. Funny story, but when I was getting ready for this shoot I totally forgot a little of my makeup routine gohhhh -I was sitting at my vanity like….umm what comes next lmao needless to say it took me a min. Oh and I didn’t even realize I ran out of foundation smh. But when I was all done and ready I felt amazing and instantly yelled at myself for not getting back to this earlier. Once I was dressed and out the door my anxiety instantly went away I could hardly wait for us to upload and edit these pix.

I decided to keep my look simple I wanted my head wrap nails and shoes to get all the attention hahah. This has to be my fave pair of heels ever- trust me I’m gonna find some way to wear it even when I’m 90 lol. Crop tops and high waist jeans screams summer to me and when I saw this top I had to have it. It’s so chic and the details in the sleeves are my favorite; so extra! I’ve been eying these jeans for a while, I love the cropped look of it-it’s freaking amazing with heels- without- not so much. I literally bought 3 smh don’t tell the hubbz -but I’m a jeans type of gurl even in the Summer I had to stop myself yesterday from buying another pair I saw online- so I wanted to stock up. Plus mom jeans in the fall with a cropped denim or leather jacket I dieeeeeeee.

I almost forgot to mention the star of the show lol my headwrap! It’s def a fave! The colors are so vibrant and fun you can literally wear it with any outfit and I love that. So if you decide to just get one wrap for the summer I’d say don’t go with a nude or black get something bright and fun and playful. although solid colors are good to have on hand too:) But you’ll instantly put everyone in a good mood around you too.

That’s it for now guys, see ya in the next post! Love Uzz.

Thanks for reading guys!


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