Emerald Green Mini Skirt

Emerald Green Mini Skirt

Hey my loves!

So excited to be wearing this mini skirt finally. I actually bought it last Summer as I was so obsessed with this one here I need to re-wear it this season as well. Are you guys into lil mini skirts too? I find them super sexy and feminine. I love to wear them when I need to take a break from denims.

mini skirt, emerald green

.Anyway, how are you guys? I’m okay, it’s pretty hard to focus today for some reason I have a lot to do as I’m taking a 5 day boot camp course and it’s currently kicking my butt. I was working on it all day/night yesterday and today my printer isn’t working for me to complete today’s task; and I’m having major anxiety…but I digress. Decided to wear this look on a lil lunch date with the hubbz as I barely dress up these days but we were celebrating 6 years in business so ya know I had to look a lil cute. I’ve also gone back on youtube and I’m excited about that again. Honestly, I just want to do all the things in life that I’ve always wanted to do because I don’t want any regrets when I’m older.

mini skirt, headwrap

What I wore: headwrap {Here} Earrings {Here} Top H&M.Sold out {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} Green Skirt, Zara; Sold Out {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} Heels {Here} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar}

Mini Skirt Season

Mini Skirt Season

Hey My loves,

What it dewwww baby….I just had a latte so I’m all caffeined up. I’m somewhat of an addict now tbh. We have a Nespresso machine and my gawdd it’s the best damn latte ever. Also the weather is super nice and the sun is shining and I’m alive and healthy. It’s the simple things in life that I truly appreciate these days. And trust me I have a ton on my plate as we speak. I have an email to write for WrapQueen I have to name about 10 headwraps which is fun and stressful at the same time. I’ve been naming headwraps for 5 years now. My brain is like wtf Kelly get some help. Which I do plan on getting in the very near future. But I try to see the beauty in everyday and you should too. Moving on to what we are really here for shall we.

So lately I’ve been loving mini skirts I mean I always loved them and I remember wearing them to my corporate job with tights and everyone would be like girllll wtf its a bit short…. but YOLO. I wanted to be the sexy front desk girl lol my excuse was I barely get up no one sees me hahah. But now fast forward it’s Spring time and these skirts are totally on trend and I’m here for it. Plus I love my tatt on my leg and never get to show it off- and for all the pain I went through to get this tatt yall gonna see it lol- omg I swear it’s the caffeine talking. Anywho I’m obsessed with the color so bright and fun -I actually bought another color and contemplating buying another style too. You guys know I’m a jeans girl -so you will get those looks but I’m having so much fun in these right now. I’m a real girly girl.

I’ve never paired Orange with Pink before always Pink and yellow but I’m loving this combo way too much plus with my headwrap like sissss get into it. It’s beyond perfect. I decided to with a neutral with the shoe. I almost did a clear heel as they go with anything but decided to go with gold my second fave color after yellow; and it works. Would you guys rock these colors together too? Lemme know in the comments.



What I wore: Headwrap {Here} Skirt {Zara} Top {Here} Sold out {Similar} {Similar} Love this {Here} Heels {Here}

RiRi INspired Look

RiRi INspired Look

Hey My Loves!

How are you? I missed you….so much has been going on in my little world and I cannot wait to share with you guys I promise I’m gonna spill the beans soon. We are so excited and just been taking it in all these days. Hmm what else? My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I cannot believe it but with the way life is so unpredictable and fragile I’m actually looking forward to it. I was never really into Birthdays growing up and I’m actually mad about that. I grew up a Jehovah’s witness so  we weren’t allowed to celebrate; but as I’m older I realize that celebrating life is a blessing that not many get to see. My husband’s birthday is also in May and Mothers day -so it’s looking like May is finna be lit! Hahah.

headwraps, headwrap, head wrap, head wraps

Okay now that I’ve given you a bit of an update- let’s move on to what you’re really here for shall we? So if you have been an OG follower of mine then you already know I love doing celebrity looks for less. My faves have always been Kim Kardashian and my girl RiRi. I have gravitated to both their styles over the years and always enjoyed doing a look for less. It has been a while though- as Kim K kinda lost it for me when she started to wear more casual looks, which I’m not really a fan of. My girl RiRi was busy working on Fenty so no outfit looks from her as well, but can I tell you when I saw this pretty spring look on her recently I was too happy as I had the perfect top for the look. Plus I love showing how you can rock any style wearing a headwrap. 

I absolutely love this look on her. It’s youthful, flirty and playful too. I just love the carefree vibe of the look with the shirt not buttoned all the way up, the glasses just kinda hanging off the shirt and then the unexpected mini skirt. This look can easily be created with any button down shirt you own. For a more high end look try wearing a white buttoned down with red lips or you can even wear your mansss shirt. I’m sure he won’t mind hahah.  Another place you can go if you really want to duplicate this look is a thrift store. They are guaranteed to have something similar.

I love that she paired this look with heels; although a nice white sneakers would look so good as well. But the heels just give it a sophisticated sexy look. Very grown woman and I’m here for it. I’m hoping the paparazzi can get more looks of her lol as I’m so ready to start doing these again. Let me know if there’s any other celeb looks that you’d like me to duplicate. I actually saw a look on Victoria Beckham that she wore on her birthday and I might just try it. I mean Victoria Beckham is a fashion Icon, so let’s see if I’m able to do it. Stay Tuned!

What I’m wearing: Top (sold Out) Similar {Here} {Here} {Here} {Here}White Buttoned down Shirt {Here} Skirt- Similar {Here} {Here} Heels; PLT Sold Out, {Similar} {Similar} Love this {Here} N {Here}

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