I’ve been a makeup enthusiast for 20 years and since then I realized that every woman should have a go-to makeup look or a signature face. That’s a makeup look that you know will never fail you. You will 100 percent look good every time because it’s a look that you’ve perfected for some time, so you can basically complete the look in your sleep. Well this look is my “Everyday Makeup Look” I wear it all the time. I wear it for my Instagram/ blog pictures also If I have an event to attend this is the look, with maybe a bit of shimmer for some razzle dazzle hahah. It’s hilarious to me though because if you could see the amount of screenshots in my phone with different makeup looks that I told myself I would try; and never do, ugh. I just always find myself coming back to my signature face because your girl is always in a rush. I highly recommend you guys try out different looks and see what works, I promise you it will save so much time.

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